Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S24: Price revealed at Unpacked 2024

South Korean tech major, Samsung has launched three smartphones today – its flagship series. The phones include Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and also indicated that it has turned in a major way to artificial intelligence to power the many features they tout.  The company has also revealed the price points at which they will be reaching customers. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S24 price that were revealed at the Galaxy Unpacked event below.

From what Samsung has revealed about its devices, smartphones could well get much smarter this year as the next wave of artificial intelligence seeps into the devices that accompany people almost everywhere they go.

Samsung smartphones will be going up against tough competition in the form of iPhone 15 and earlier versions. 

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The sales pitch for the Galaxy S24 line-up revolves around an array of new features powered by AI. “We are ushering in a new era where AI is taking center stage,” said Drew Blackard, Samsung’s vice president of mobile product management at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event 2024.

Samsung has turned to Google for AI inputs. Besides featuring some of Samsung’s own work in AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup will be packed with some of the latest advances coming out of Google.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series price 

Unfortunately, these technological improvements have ensured buyers will have to pay higher prices for Samsung’s top-of-the-line phone. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra price is $1299 a $100, or 8 percent increase, from last year’s comparable model – Galaxy S23 Ultra. Notably, last year Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max had also received a $100 price hike although it had hiked its storage.

Like Apple, Samsung is holding onto earlier prices for the large screened model. Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus price is $999. The plain vanilla model, Samsung Galaxy S24 price will start at $799.

If you want to hand on the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones will be available in stores from January 31. 

These phones will be packed with far more AI than before, including a feature that will provide live translation during phone calls in 13 languages and 17 dialects. 

Here’s how much the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series costs in different regions:

U.K.: The starting prices for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in the UK is 799 euros for the Galaxy S24, 999 euros for the Galaxy S24 Plus, and 1299 euros for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

India: Samsung Galaxy S24: Rs. 66455( expected), Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: Rs. 83090 (expected), and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Rs. 108040 (expected).

UAE: Samsung Galaxy S24: Dh3199 and Dh3499, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: Dh3899 and Dh4399, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Dh5099, Dh5599 and Dh6599.

Canada: Samsung Galaxy S24: $1099.99, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: $1399.99, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: $1799.99. 


Google Circle To Search

The Galaxy S24 lineup will also introduce Google’s “Circle To Search” that involves using a digital stylus to circle snippets of text, parts of photos or videos to get instant search results about whatever has been highlighted.

Photo manipulation

The new Galaxy phones will also enable quick and easy ways to manipulate the appearance and placement of specific parts of pictures taken on the devices’ camera. It’s a feature that could help people refine their photos while also making it easier to create misleading images.

Samsung and Google Partnership

Like virtually all phone manufacturers barring Apple in its iPhones, Samsung packs Google Android operating system in its phones and therefore, two companies’ interests have been aligned. It is another matter that the Google Pixel smartphones are rivals of Samsung smartphones, just like iPhones.

Notably, Apple iPhone 16 series, to be launched in September 2024, is expected to roll out more AI, but now Samsung has a head start to gain the upper hand in making the technology more ubiquitous, Forrester Research analyst Thomas Husson said. 

“Samsung’s marketing challenge is precisely to make the technology transparent to impress consumers with magic and invisible experiences,” Husson said.

“Intelligence is actually coming to your smartphone, which really haven’t been that smart,” Lohr said. “You may eventually see use cases where you could have your smartphone listen to you all day and have it provide a summary of your day at the end of it. That could create a challenge in the social construct because if everyone’s device is listening to everyone, whose data is it?”

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