Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera upgrade defies downgrade fears in leaked details

As the highly-anticipated launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 series approaches, new leaks are shedding light on behind-the-scenes upgrades for the flagship, particularly addressing concerns about potential camera hardware changes stemming from a reported step back by Samsung towards S23 Ultra levels. A recent leak comes from a retail training document shared by the trustworthy source, Harshit Joshi, suggesting that despite a speculated downgrade in zoom lens specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera will surpass its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in zoom photography capabilities.

In a surprising move, Samsung is rumored to replace the 10x telephoto camera of the Samsung S23 Ultra with a higher-resolution yet lower-magnification 5x version in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This shift has raised questions about the device’s ability to capture long-range zoom shots without compromising image quality.

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Optics Transformation

The leaked document, particularly in a section titled “Space Zoom,” assures users of “excellent zoom quality at all ranges” and emphasizes “optical quality” zoom at 2x, 3x, 5x, and, notably, 10x magnification. The renowned long-range Space Zoom digital zoom feature, capable of magnifications up to 100x, is set to continue on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Forbes reported.

Super-Resolution Algorithms and Multi-Frame Processing

Contrary to concerns, indications suggest that the transition from 10x to 5x optical zoom will not result in any loss of image quality. The report explains that Samsung achieves this through the incorporation of a significantly higher-resolution sensor in the new 5x camera, complemented by improved image processing techniques.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to introduce multi-frame processing at all zoom levels, a departure from the S23 Ultra’s limitation to 20x and higher. This promises reduced noise and enhanced detail across the entire zoom range, further enhanced by new AI-powered “super-resolution” algorithms.

Despite these advancements, Samsung faces the challenge of convincing potential buyers that the shift from 10x telephoto to 5x will actually lead to improved photo quality. Of course, the final verdict will be delivered at the official Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for January 17th.

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