Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks unveil new ‘Circle to Search’ feature

In the lead-up to the Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17, where Samsung will unveil its much-anticipated S24 series globally, leaks have surfaced suggesting remarkable features and a significant commitment to software updates. Notably, the latest buzz surrounds the potential support for up to 7 years of software updates for the Samsung S24 series, setting a new standard in the smartphone industry. Check out what more these Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks revealed.

Leaked marketing images, shared by Evan Blass, offer a glimpse into the AI-centric enhancements expected in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Among these is the already announced “Live Translate” for phone calls, AI-driven improvements to night zoom, and an innovative “Note Assist” feature within Samsung’s Notes app, 9to5Google reported.

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Display and Camera Specifications

Key specifications include a 6.8-inch flat QHD+ display on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a 6.7-inch QHD+ display on the S24+, and a 6.2-inch FHD+ display on the S24, all boasting 2,600 nits. The camera setup distinguishes itself with a 200MP main camera on the S24 Ultra and 50MP primary cameras on the S24 and S24+. Notably, the S24 and S24+ sport aluminum builds, while the Ultra variant features a titanium body.

“Circle to Search”

A standout revelation from the leaks introduces “Circle to Search,” a new Google-powered feature that allows users to search any image, video, or text on their screen without the need for screenshots. The functionality involves circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping to identify points of interest, reminiscent of a new iteration of Google Lens, possibly integrated with the S Pen.

This leak underscores the growing partnership between Samsung and Google, with expectations of Google Assistant with Bard making an appearance on the Galaxy S24 series.

Extended updates and security patches

In a noteworthy development, Samsung seems to be taking a cue from Google by committing to providing 7 years of major updates and security patches for its flagship series, challenging the industry standard. Google had previously announced a similar commitment for its Pixel 8 series, setting the stage for an extended battle for Android supremacy, Android Headlines reported.

Galaxy AI free!

As the anticipation builds, it’s essential to note that the leaked information hints at “free of charge” access to Galaxy AI features until 2025, with potential subscription details for these features remaining elusive. The Galaxy S24 series is poised to redefine the Android landscape with its cutting-edge features and an extended commitment to software support.

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