Samsung Galaxy S24 AI features: 5 easy ways to boost your experience and take it to next level

Samsung Galaxy S24 series was unveiled on January 17 and it comes with the amazing new Galaxy AI features. The company announced that its new collaboration with Google will bring the new AI features to the Galaxy S24 smartphones. Samsung claims that these AI features will revamp how users interact with their Android smartphones, making it more exclusive, premium and futuristic. While other smartphone brands are in the race to bring more AI-linked phones, Samsung has stunned everyone with its introduction of the Galaxy AI. Check out all the AI features included in the Galaxy S24.

AI features in Samsung Galaxy S24

Chat Assist: This AI feature is designed for text-based services just as instant messaging, emails, social media, etc. It offers users the flexibility to set the right tone, grammar and formation of sentences with the help of Galaxy AI. It works exactly like generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Live Translate: On Galaxy S24, users can easily live translate speech to text in various languages when users are on voice calls. This will eliminate language barriers in new places or countries.

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Circle to Search with Google: It’s a new innovative feature by Google that grabbed a lot of attention. It enables users to search for anything on their Android phone by simply using gestures such as circling, highlighting, scribbling or tapping on the screen. This feature will reduce the hassle of opening Google Chrome and typing for search.

Generative Edit: This AI feature will help Galaxy S24 users develop pro-level editing skills with generative edit. Users can easily move, resize, or remove objects from images with simple drag-and-drop functionalities. Users can also fill the image background with the help of AI. However, note that some of its edits will be watermarked by Galaxy AI.

Transcript Assist: This Galaxy AI feature will easily transcribe, translate, and summarize voice recordings within seconds. Additionally, you do not need an internet connection as it is an on-device feature.

These are the major Galaxy AI features which will be available in the Samsung Galaxy S24. This feature is expected to revamp your overall Android experience and make your smartphone functionalities smarter.

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