Samsung Galaxy AI announced for Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup! Check top features

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event was full of surprises and many new and breathtaking innovations were seen. With the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, the company finally unveiled its Galaxy AI features for which the fans were eagerly waiting. Notably, most tipsters and analysts were not far off the mark with their leaks and sneak peeks. Samsung had also teased its AI Live Translate Call and now it has even more features and functionalities with enhanced user communication, productivity, and everyday mobile experience. The on-device Galaxy AI has many intuitive features that will give tough competition to the iPhone 15 series and the Google Pixel 8 series in terms of its stunning AI features. Check out what Galaxy AI offers in the new generation Samsung smartphones.

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Galaxy AI features:


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1. Live Translate: This feature provides real-time voice and text translations of phone calls with the help of on-device AI. Therefore, no third-party translation app will be required.

2. AI Interpreter: live conversations can now be translated on a split-screen view to make reading translated text easier.

3. Chat Assist: It can be used in different messaging apps for easy communication. The AI assist can help write short and catchy phrases for co-workers or friends while on text.

4. Android Auto: It will automatically summarize messages and suggest relevant replies enabling you to stay connected in any situation.

5. Note Assist: Samsung Notes will now be integrated with AI which will help users generate summaries, templates, make notes, and more.

6. Transcript Assist: This feature uses AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe audio and video recordings.

7. Circle to Search: Samsung partnered with Google to bring this new gesture feature to the Galaxy S24 series.

Galaxy AI camera features

1. ProVisual Engine: This feature will transform image-capturing abilities in terms of utilizing the Quad Tele System along with the 5x optical zoom powered by Adaptive Pixel Sensor.

2. Nightography: AI will enable the camera to capture more light in low-light conditions.

3. Galaxy AI editing tools: It will help users to easily make quick edits such as erase, re-compose, and remaster.

4. Edit Suggestion: This feature uses Galaxy AI to suggest edits for images to make them look more pleasing.

5. Generative Edit: With generative AI, it can fill the image background, fill in the borders, improve positioning, and more.

6. Social sharing: Third-party apps such as Instagram and Snapchat can also benefit from Galaxy AI in terms of camera capabilities.


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