Reddit User Redeems 20-Year-Old Starbucks Coupon, Leaves Internet Impressed

Restaurants and eateries frequently distribute coupons following a purchase, typically offering discounts or combo deals for future meals, a widespread practice globally. However, one customer’s recent experience at the American multinational coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, garnered attention. This attention stemmed from the fact that the customer successfully redeemed a coupon issued back in 2006. His achievement went viral on the social media platform Reddit, showcasing that even long-expired coupons can still be honored. The incident gained attention when a Starbucks employee posted a photo of the 20-year-old coupon on Reddit. Remarkably, the paper was well-preserved, showing no signs of wear or tear despite the passage of years. The accompanying note to the post read, “Someone just used this ‘recovery card’ thing from 2006 at my store.”
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Someone just used this ‘recovery card thing from 2006 at my store ????
byu/yaxom instarbucks

As per the information printed on the brown paper strip, Starbucks would grant a complimentary beverage of any size to a customer at any Starbucks store situated in the USA or Canada. The card was to be surrendered at the time of redemption to receive the free drink. The terms and conditions included in the write-up were, “Not valid with any other offer or discount. Not valid if reproduced. Void where prohibited. Cash value 1/20 cent. Not for resale.” The piece of information also disclosed that the paper was made from “100 percent post-consumer fiber”. 
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As soon as the Reddit post went viral, users shared their opinions on the same. One individual pointed out, “They got rid of these around 2013/2014. Too many people were buying stacks of these on eBay. You would get a car in DT ordering 4 Venti Java Chips and then hand 4 of these cards out as payment.” Another nostalgic person wrote, “Wow! I was working at Starbucks when these were out. I feel extinct”. “OMG, I remember having to count these and put them in the safe room lol. Memories!” read a comment. 

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