Real Or AI-Generated?” Internet Abuzz Over Viral Dark Parle-G Biscuits

Some foods are deeply etched in our childhood memories, and one such product is ‘Parle-G’ biscuits. It is, therefore, not shocking to see the internet’s reaction on social media when pictures and videos of a speculated new ‘Dark Parle-G’ went viral. The two ‘Dark Parle-G’ pictures were first posted on X by a user with the handle @CoconutShawarma. The caption read, “What’s Dark Parle-G now.” In the pictures, we can see a packet of ‘Dark Parle-G’ biscuits by ‘Parle’ with the same iconic ‘Parle-G’ girl on it. The tagline reads, “Delicious Chocolaty Dark Parle-G Biscuits.”

In the second picture, you can also see two dark-coloured Parle-G biscuits placed next to the pack. The design looks the same as the original Parle-G biscuits, and the only change is the colour and apparent flavour.

The post has received more than 1 million views, and internet users are speculating whether this new product is genuine or if the pictures are AI-generated. There has been no official confirmation by Parle on their website or social media handles. 

NDTV reached out to Parle, and so far, there has been no response. 

According to @CoconutShawarma, the pictures have been shared by a friend from Pune. [“Online ka link nahi hai, pune wala friend ne bheja hai photos”]

One user on X even shared a video clip of unwrapping the packet of ‘Dark Parle-G.’ Check out the video here:

In a follow-up tweet, @CoconutShawarma dropped two more pictures of the speculated new product. In the first picture, we can see someone holding the packet of biscuits while the other picture shows the backside of the packet, with ingredients including cocoa solids and the date of packaging as February 11, 2024.

An X user who is reportedly from Pune (@SACHINTAK55) wrote, “Fair and lovely #ParleGdark #DarkparleG every thing fair for Dark chocolate fans lovers” and shared the following pictures as confirmation:

Here Are Some Reactions On X To This Speculated New Product:

A user wrote, “90s kids ki life ke jaise Parle G bhi dark ho Gaya.” [Like the life of 90s kids, Parle G has also turned dark.]

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Another said, “Parle-G ne bhi mummy ki baat nahi maani aur dhoop me kaala ho gaya.” [Parle-G also did not listen to mummy and got tanned in the sun]

“Kalyug at such a peak that even Parle g went dark,” an X user wrote. [The age of darkness is at such a peak that even Parle G went dark]

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A user said, “Parle G, who was a genius, is having a dark future and you’re thinking your future will be bright”

What are your views on the speculated ‘Dark Parle-G’? Share with us in the comments.

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