Ramadan 2024: Enjoy The Iftar Feast With These Delicious Treats (With Recipes)

Ramadan 2024, the much-awaited 30-day summer festival of the Islam religion, is considered to be the holiest month in the entire year according to Islamic tradition. Muslims all across the world observe fasts and celebrate Ramzan 2024 and observe fasts. The event falls on every ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which marks the unveiling of the holy book – Quran. Muslims all over the world celebrate this pious festival by fasting, praying and feasting. Their day starts before sunrise with a pre-dawn meal called sehri or suhoor, after which they refrain from eating and drinking until the sun sets. After offering their evening prayers, they break their fast (roza) with a lavish meal known as iftar. Usually, families and friends gather together for the celebratory feast and indulge in traditional savoury and sweet delicacies.

Food is as important part of Ramadan as abstaining from it. After a day-long fast, people reward themselves with scrumptious eats. Heart-filling meats and mouth-watering desserts comprise their large spreads. Here, we list down some delectable food recipes that will make for an ideal iftar meal for those following Ramzan. 

Ramadan-Special Food Recipes:

Dates And Nuts Ladoo

Rituals suggest breaking roza with dates as it is believed that Prophet Mohammad used to end his fast by eating dates first. These nutritious ladoos made with healthful dates and nuts are best for replenishing the body with loads of energy. They are also perfect to offer right after the prayers as prasad. View full recipe here


Meaty haleem stew, made in pure ghee, is one of the most preferred meals to be savoured during Ramzan. It takes care of the protein needs of the body and satiates the appetite to the hilt. View full recipe here

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haleem 620x350

Ramadan 2024: Haleem; Image credit: iStock

Awadhi Gosht Korma

This highly fragrant meal made with juicy mutton brings out some rich Mughlai flavours. It is a signature dish of the chefs from the city of Lucknow. This is a must-include meal during the festive month of Ramzan. View full recipe here

mutton korma

Ramadan 2024: Awadhi Gosht Korma; Image credit: iStock


Kilidoodu makes for an enticing Ramadan snack option that fuels up the system with nutrients from a variety of foods. Carrots, potatoes and onions girdled inside vermicelli and bread crumbs will warm up your heart after a day full of deprivation. View full recipe here


Devouring a bowlful of phirni can lend a perfect ending to the iftar feast. This heavenly dessert is a simple dish made with rice, milk and sugar but exudes a mouthful of sweet flavours. A smattering of nuts levels up the nutrient quotient of this flavourful dish. View full recipe here

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Ramadan 2024: Phirni; Image credit: iStock 

A good meal makes up for a hard day devoid of food and drinks. Foods that fulfil all your daily nutrition requirements should comprise the iftar spread. Make this Ramadan another special fest for your family with these classic meal recipes.

Happy Ramadan 2024!

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