Rakul Preet Singh Swears By This Refreshing Drink For “Hydration On Set”

In the world of long hours and non-stop action, hydration is key to sustained energy, laser-focused creativity, and overall well-being. Recently, Bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh spilled the secrets of her on-set hydration routine, opting for the refreshing combo of coconut water with malai (cream). As she aptly captioned it, “Hydration on set,” she highlighted the importance of replenishing fluids while on the grind. Whether you are conquering projects or facing the camera, the simple act of sipping on some kind of liquid goodness can make all the difference. So, take a cue from Rakul and make hydration your ally for a power-packed and energised performance! Take a look at her post here:
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Coconut water with malai combines the natural goodness of coconut water with the rich, creamy layer, offering a unique and refreshing beverage that comes with several potential benefits. The hydrating qualities of coconut water provide a natural and wholesome source of rehydration, while the creamy malai adds a touch of richness to the overall experience. Beyond their delightful combination, coconut water offers essential electrolytes, making it an effective thirst quencher. Meanwhile, the malai helps with digestion.
It seems that Rakul Preet Singh is a genuine fan of coconut water. On a recent trip, she indulged in the tropical drink and shared the delightful experience on her Instagram stories a few days ago. A photo captured her sipping from a creatively peeled coconut, decorated with a small umbrella created from the fruit’s shell. In the caption, she playfully wrote, “Eccu me! Coconut water anyone,” accompanied by a yellow heart emoji. Read the full story here.
Lately, the Bollywood actress has been embracing homemade and healthy meals. Earlier, she shared a picture of her meal on Instagram, showcasing a balanced and homemade spread. The image featured yellow dal, scrambled eggs, aloo-methi sabzi, and a jowar roti. In her caption, she wrote, “Back to basics. Balance is the key.” Click here for the full story.

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