Puffy Face, No More! 7 Smart Tricks To Avoid Bloating On Face

Picture this – you have a big day ahead, and you wake up with a puffy face. Such a bummer, isn’t it? The worst part is that no amount of makeup helps you fix the situation and make you look bright and glowing. So, what do you do then? A quick search on the internet will tell you to dip your face in ice water. We agree this celebrity-endorsed hack works wonders, but it is just a temporary solution. You can’t surely think of doing this during winter. Right? This is why we found you some sustainable diet and lifestyle habits that may help you go a long way. These healthy tips are shared by nutritionist Simrun Chopra on her official Instagram handle.

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What Does A Puffy Face Indicate? Reasons Why Your Face Looks Swollen:

A puffy face is a very common condition, and we experience it quite often, especially during the morning. According to Medical News Today, it is a result of fluid retention, which can stem from several factors – your sleeping pattern being one major reason. Experts explain that lying down in a certain position causes fluid to rest and collect in the face, further leading to puffiness. Other major factors can be makeup residue blocking the skin cells, your diet, and allergies, as mentioned in an article on Medical News Today. Whatever it is, this common condition can be averted with some simple tricks. Read on for details.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Puffy Face? 7 Simple Ways To Avoid Swollen Face:

1. Avoid salty food:

Salt (sodium) leads to fluid retention in cells. So, expert Simrun Chopra suggests avoiding salty food in the evening if you have something important and special the next day.

2. Drink lots of water:

Water is the best way to detox yourself and prevent any kind of inflammation in the body. You can have fruit/vegetable/spice-infused water as well.

3. Eat fruits with high water content:

You can consider adding watery fruits and vegetables to your diet. You can swear by watermelon, oranges, lemon juice, cucumber, gourd, and more, suggests Nutritionist Chopra.

4. Avoid alcohol:

By now, we all know that alcohol increases toxin levels in the body, leading to inflammation and oxidative stress. Hence, it is advised to avoid alcohol before your special day to reduce the risks of a bloated and puffed face and eyes. She also suggests that if you are in a situation where alcohol can’t be avoided, then consume enough water in between.

5. Try cold compression:

While it is always better to prevent puffiness beforehand, you can also try cold compression in the morning for quick help. This may help promote blood and oxygen circulation, with lymphatic fluid drain.

6. Sleep well:

Nutritionist Simrun Chopra suggests a good six to seven hours of sleep to let your skin cells rest, lowering the risks of a puffy face.

7. Exercise:

According to the expert, “Getting the heart pumping can promote circulation in the body, including the face. A quick morning jog or workout helps some people feel less bloated and more awake, reducing puffiness.”

That’s it! Now that you have these hacks handy, follow them well and wake up every day with a fresh and glowing face. Have a great day!

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