Planning Your Childs Birthday Party? Here Are 5 Fun And Fantastic Birthday Cake Ideas

Children’s birthday parties scream fun – literally and metaphorically. Whether it is your child’s 1st birthday cake or 10th, you can unleash your inner creativity and make it undoubtedly the most special day of the year. As your kids grow up, they will cherish the memories they carry from their fun childhood birthday parties. While many wonderful elements come together for a fantastic birthday – games, friends, decorations — the star of the event is the birthday cake. Check out some of the most delicious and awesome cake ideas for children’s birthday parties.

Here Are 5 Mind-Blowing Birthday Cake Ideas Your Child Will Love:

1. Child’s Favourite Theme Cake

A gorgeous unicorn-themed birthday cake.

A unicorn-themed birthday cake. Photo Credit: iStock

This idea never gets old as it can change as per the theme of your party. Finding a theme is not difficult either, all you need to focus on is your child’s favourite colour or cartoon character. You can plan the entire party’s theme around it, including the cake. Make sure you plan the theme in advance, as it can be difficult to get a last-minute theme cake of your choice.

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2. Tiered Birthday Cake

Tiered-cakes are always fascinating.

Tiered cakes are always fascinating. Photo Credit: iStock

Not just kids, everyone is fascinated with the idea of tiered cakes. There is something very special and exclusive about tiered cakes. This idea can work well especially if you are hosting a big party, else you might be left with leftovers. You can choose the colour, design and flavour as per the birthday boy/girl’s liking.

3. Candy Filled Cake

Candy-filled cakes make a fun surprise.

Candy-filled cakes make a fun surprise. Photo Credit: iStock

Children love surprises, especially if the surprise looks like candy. Pack a surprise inside your child’s ordinary-looking cake. As soon as they cut it, lots of colourful candies will spill out from inside the cake. Don’t forget to record the kids’ reactions after watching this surprise candy-filled cake.

4. Chocolate Overload Cake

A delicious chocolate cake is the best treat.

A delicious chocolate cake is the best treat. Photo Credit: iStock

If your child loves chocolate and cannot have enough of it, do not get them a fancy-themed cake that consists of mostly fondant they will not eat. Instead, focus on the flavour of the cake. Get them the chocolatiest cake, topped with fewer whipped cream flowers and more chocolates they can eat and quench their thirst for chocolate at last. 

5. Big Number Cake

Customise the toppings as per your taste.

Customise the toppings as per your taste. Photo Credit: iStock

This is an elegant cake idea in which a big-sized cake is created in the shape of a number which represents the age of the birthday girl/boy. These come with a variety of toppings. You can also get them customized as per your choice. These include whipped cream, fruits, macaroons, candies, wafers, chocolates, edible flowers etc.

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Which of these is your favourite cake idea for children’s birthday parties? Share with us in the comments section.

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