Planning A Visit To Lakshadweep? Dont Miss Out On These 5 Must-Try Local Dishes

Are you someone who likes to travel to beach destinations? If so, then you must have Lakshadweep on your bucket list as well. Located in close proximity to the coast of Kerala, this island is sure to impress you with its beauty. The pristine white beaches, crystal-clear water, and serene marine life are the top attractions here. But another reason to visit this place is its delectable food. Being an island, it has a variety of delectable seafood specialities and other dishes that make it a haven for foodies. Let’s just say that the food in this place will make you want to visit again and again. So, if you’re heading to Lakshadweep, make note of these local dishes that you must try during your visit.
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Here Are 5 Local Dishes You Must Try In Lakshadweep:

1. Mas Podichathu

Are you a fan of tuna? Then you shouldn’t miss trying this delectable dish. ‘Mas’ refers to dried tuna in the local language. The dried tuna is cut into small pieces and mixed with shredded coconut, haldi, garlic, onions, and a pool of flavourful spices. It offers quite a distinct flavour and tastes best when paired with steamed rice. You can consider having this dish for your lunch or dinner meal.

2. Kilanji

This unique dessert is like the desi version of the classic crepe. Made with a batter of rice and eggs, it offers a super crispy texture. Kilanji is best enjoyed with a sweet and watery accompaniment prepared with coconut milk, bananas, and jaggery. It will surely fix your sweet cravings in no time. And if you wish to make it at home, here’s an easy recipe for you to try.

3. Mus Kavaab

Another popular local delicacy you must try in Lakshadweep is Mus Kavaab. The flavour of this dish is somewhat similar to that of Mas Podichathu. But it is prepared with boneless fish called ‘mus’. The fish is marinated with a paste of spicy masalas and then cooked in a tomato-based curry. The garnishing of coriander leaves adds a hint of freshness to the dish.

4. Octopus Fry

Any octopus lovers in the house? Here’s a delightful dish that might just become your new favourite. To make it, baby octopus is fried along with green chillies, garlic, and a few other masalas. The result is this crispy and spicy snack that is perfect to enjoy during the evening by the beach. Do not forget to pair it with a spicy sauce to truly relish its flavours.
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5. Kadalakka

Let’s introduce you to another mouth-watering dessert from the island. It is basically a cake that is made with chana dal and eggs. It is traditionally cooked in a pressure cooker, which gives it a super soft and moist texture. It is considerably healthier than other desserts and is a must-try when here. It also consists of a generous amount of nuts like almonds and raisins, which makes it taste even more divine.

Enjoy these delicious dishes while on your visit to Lakshadweep and take your taste buds on a joy ride.

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