Pizza Lovers, Check Out The New Smoke House Pizzeria In Saket To Whet Your Cheesy Cravings

Here’s an exciting update for all the pizza lovers in Delhi. Smoke House Deli has introduced its first-ever pizzeria, at DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi. Titled Smoke House Pizzeria, the space is designed for pizza lovers in the middle of the bustling mall. The cosy corner attracts with chic decor, comfortable seating and the aroma of melting cheese. If you have always loved the pizzas at Smoke House Deli, you can enjoy the same flavours here but with an option to select from a diverse range of pizzas. And not just regular pizzas but also novel offerings such as Neo-Neapolitan, Panuzzos, Naked Pizzas, and more; along with a delectable range of cocktails.  

Talking about cocktails, what caught my attention first on my visit to Smoke House Pizzeria was Boozy Shakes! Yes, milkshakes spiked with heady booze! The milk and alcohol lover in me was excited. So I tried Chikoo Chocolate Vodka Shake – and it was heavenly. I mean, check out the ingredients!

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From the taste and presentation to its aroma, every item on the menu is worthy of attention. For instance, in the Neo-Neapolitan category, there are some exciting options such as Burrata Chilli Jam, Siciliana. I went ahead and had the Ortolana neo-Neapolitan pizza. The thin-crust pizza topped with lots of veggies tasted good but the best part was the cheese. It tasted fresh and warm. Then I spotted Panuzzos on the menu – a fusion of pizza and sandwich! I tried the Peri Peri Chicken Panuzzo and it was perfect – lots of fresh veggies wrapped in soft pizza dough. The Naked Pizzas included the Rustic Ratatouille, Prawn Tango, Folklore, and more are some other interesting options. Bruschetta Thee Ways is perfect for a light snack – with the right amount of flavours and of course, cheese.

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The Pizzeria is not just about cheesy delights. You can pick from a variety of snacks and main meals. I tried their Lamb Kefta snack it was quite flavourful. BBQ Chicken wings were average, not great, not bad – actually a little too sweet for my palate. But the desserts turned it all around. The cheesecakes are a must-try. Pick any flavour and I am sure you’ll love it. I fell in love with the Biscoff Cheesecake and will definitely order it again on my next visit. 

For a wholesome meal or a quick bite while shopping, I would recommend visiting the all-new Smoke House Pizzeria at DLF Avenue, Saket. 

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