Pisyun Loon – This Green Salt Recipe From Uttarakhand Wins Hearts Online

Salt is one essential kitchen ingredient that can make everything taste just right or wrong – depending on how much you use it. Whether it is on spicy chaats from street vendors or on sweet fruits, salt plays a key role in balancing flavours and making every meal delicious. Today, as foodies we have a range of salt variants to choose from. There is the regular fine-grained table salt that is used in everyday cooking and then, there is special black salt, known for its tangy flavour. Also, who can forget Himalayan pink salt, which adds a subtle richness to food? But have you ever heard of green salt? Chef Saransh Goila just made “Hara Namak” or Green Garlic Salt, claiming it to be his “all-time favourite to use on top of everything.” 

In a video, Chef Saransh demonstrated a simple process of making this unique salt. The ingredients include green garlic, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, ginger, and green chilli. Without adding water, the chef blended these ingredients in a blender. Then, he transferred the paste to a bowl, added salt, and recommended dehydrating it at 100 degrees Celsius for an hour. The chef suggested using an air fryer for this step. This dehydrating process aims to remove moisture and intensify the flavours. Next, the mixture was crushed into fine salt using a pestle and mortar. This homemade creation is now ready to be sprinkled or used as a seasoning for various dishes. 

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Saransh Goila drew inspiration from Uttarakhand’s Pisyun Loon, known for its colourful and flavoured salts crafted in Garhwal and nearby regions. A beloved choice, especially in the mountains, it’s traditionally made by combining rock salt with fresh herbs and spices on a sil-batta (stone grinder).  The chef shared, “It’s very easy to make and all you need to do is sun dry it or dry it in the oven at the lowest temperature for 60 minutes. Do not add any water while grinding.”

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Take a look:

The video took the internet by storm and viewers were impressed with the chef’s authentic way of making the salt. 

One user from Uttarakhand commented, “Thank you so much for making Pisyun Loon the most authentic way, warna Instagram pe sab loon ke naam pe chatni bana rahe hain [Otherwise everyone on Instagram is making chutney in the name of salt]. Next time try grinding on silbatta it will taste 3000 times better.”

Another user wrote, “Being a pahadi (Uttarakhandi), I approve this Pisyun Loon.”

“Its real flavour comes from the stone grinder, we keep it fresh at home daily,” a comment read, while someone suggested, “You don’t need a dehydrator or an oven; simply place it in direct sunshine and let it dry naturally, as we do.”

Try this pahadi green salt recipe at home and let us know how you liked it.

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