Passenger Labels Vistara Food As “Inedible,” Airline Responds

Many air travellers often grumble about the service and attitudes they encounter on planes. They frequently complain about unappetising in-flight meals, adding to the overall discontent with air travel. Whether it is the lack of friendliness from the staff or the less-than-tasty food options, these issues contribute to a negative perception of the flying experience. Improving service quality and addressing these concerns could go a long way in making air travel a more enjoyable and satisfactory experience for passengers. Recently, a passenger on a Vistara flight criticised the meal service, and online users agreed. 

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The user shared pictures of the meal served on the plane, comparing it to the meals served by “a badly run hostel mess.” They wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Wow! @airvistara your main meal aboard UK820 this evening evoked a sense of nostalgia! That of near inedible meals served in a badly run hostel mess by indifferent cooks! Insipid flavours, the sort of texture that would indicate the chicken should have ideally been consumed hours ago, and the chocolate dessert, benchmarked perhaps to a kindergarten cookery project. Amazing!” 

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Other travellers have also shared their stories about their experience with Vistara food. 

A user commented, “Completely agree.. I was served some chicken curry rice on my flight from SG to MUM.. Was like chewing through raw masala. Suffered heartburn for the rest of the day. The dessert was really good though.”

“On a Vistara flight, had spinach rice with baby corn sprinkled on it. Till then I was not aware it was a dish,” someone wrote.

Another user complained, “It’s gone from bad to worse w/ Vistara food. While stopped taking food long ago on flights, in between there was a brief period where on-board food at Vistara was living up to Taj standards. Again some time after announcements of merger w/ AirIndia it’s gone back to Airline food.”

“I had experience for same kind in Vistara, air hostess served half meal only. After requesting they initially tried to blame and then served. Same kind. High standard of Vistara means, they are serving at high in air… please don’t confuse with quality,” read another comment. 

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Meanwhile, Vistara took steps to address the passenger’s complaint and responded, “All our meals are prepared keeping the highest standards of quality in mind, and we are disheartened to note of your disappointment.”

This comes after Vistara faced criticism after a passenger complained on social media about the lack of non-vegetarian food options on one of its flights. Read the full story here.

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