Pakistans “Chowmein Jalebi” Made With Automatic Machine Divides The Internet

The joy of biting into a crunchy jalebi with a juicy texture inside is truly incomparable. This desi dessert’s melt-in-mouth texture has a special place in the hearts of many foodies. This sweet dish also occupies a popular spot for its quirky way of preparation. But it seems that with each passing day and advancement in technology, people are also coming up with an easier way to make jalebis. We say this, as a video doing the rounds on the Internet shares a glimpse of a makeshift way to prepare jalebis in Pakistan’s Faisalabad. In the clip, an automatic whisker is connected to a pipe that carries the Jalebi batter in the utensil. The video begins with a man switching on that machine and bringing the whisker on top of the boiling hot oil. While the whisker is rotating, the pipe is pouring in the jalebi batter. But because of the whisker’s circular motion, the batter is forming the round shape.
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The major difference between the handmade jalebis and this one is in its thickness. The jalebi made with the machine appears like countless noodle strings are stuck together. The text of the video reads, “The final boss of jalebi makers. Pippal Bata, Faisalabad, Pakistan.”

The video, which was shared by a Pakistani Instagram page, included the caption, “Jalebi pro max max / btw I personally like the taste of handmade ones. Full points to this shopkeeper for thinking outside of the box though.”

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In no time the comments section was flooded with many giving their views on it. Several users straight away claimed that they were not interested in tasting it. A comment read, “Not gonna taste good. Machines cannot replace human hard work. Already seeing it makes me sad. I hope this won’t be made normal.”

But a few even supported this new way of making jalebi and wrote, “All that criticism, the flavour comes from the ingredients, the mix, not some machine, it just speeds up the operation.”

Pointing out the noodle string-like texture, a user called it, “Chowmin Jalebi.”

Many gave their votes to handmade jalebi, as a comment read, “But the talent & taste of making it by hand just hits different!”
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Would you like to give this jalebi a try? So far the clip has been played more than 2 million times.

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