OpenAI to incorporate “speech, images, and videos” into GPT, says Sam Altman

he growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapid over the last few years and this latest revolution could outpace every previous one, according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The tech mogul sat down with another tech savant, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and the two delved into the intricacies of artificial intelligence (AI), its growth, representation, ChatGPT, GPT-5, and more. Altman said that the AI revolution will happen “fastest by far”, discussing the quick adoption of this technology by society. Interestingly, Altman also shed light on the possible use cases of GPT-5, as well as his most used app, and it is not ChatGPT! Let us take a closer look.

Sam Altman on future AI milestones, GPT update, and more

On the Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates podcast, OpenAI’s Sam Altman said, “Currently, GPT-4 most questions 10,000 times, one of those 10,000 is probably pretty good, but it doesn’t always know which one, and you’d like to get the best response of 10,000 each time, and so that increase in reliability will be important.”

The OpenAI CEO predicted that the ability to incorporate speech, images, and videos could become crucial in the next two years. While OpenAI already offers image and audio capabilities for the current models, they could be improved upon, finally realizing a vision of the real world with more elements than just text.

Personalization and customizability will be some of the key areas where GPT-4.5 or GPT-5, Generative Pretrained Transformer’s next big update, is expected to ring around big changes. “The ability to know about you, your email, your calendar, how you like appointments booked, connected to other outside data sources…Those will be some of the most important areas of improvement,” Altman said.

Talking about its GPT-4’s shortcomings, Altman said that it currently has limited reasoning abilities. Thus, improving GPT-4’s inferencing and reasoning abilities is also one of the priorities for the near future. It would be aimed at making the model better at synthesizing data, reading prompts and analyzing them, and drawing shrewd conclusions.

All these changes are a key priority for OpenAI which will be worked upon in the next two years, Altman added.

While talking to Sam Altman, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates expressed his amazement after experiencing ChatGPT, revealing a bit of skepticism too before he experienced it. “I was privileged to see your work as it evolved, and I was very skeptical. I didn’t expect ChatGPT to get so good. It blows my mind.”

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