No More Husband Ka Tiffin: Viral Video Inspires Women To Cook For Themselves

Instagram Reels have all kinds of content, and if you are into food reels, you might have stumbled on many women sharing delicious recipes they make for their husbands’ or kids’ lunchboxes. Noticing the pattern, a digital creator – Dr Falguni Vasavada, Professor of Marketing-decided to make some wholesome content on the topic. Taking to her Instagram handle, she posted a reel that attempts to remind women not to forget their likes, food preferences, and favourite meals while cooking food for the entire family. The video has clocked more than one million views and is gaining lots of love, as seen in the comments section.

In the viral video, Dr. Vasavada can be seen making a fruit salad along with giving her two cents on how many women often stop making or forget to make foods they like.

In the clip, Dr Vasavada says, “All such reels that go viral in which bloggers say, ‘Aaiye dekhiye aaj maine mere husband ke lunch mein kya bnaya hai, bachcho ke tiffin mein kya banaya hai’ [Let’s see what I have prepared for my husband’s lunch today, what I have prepared for my children’s tiffin.] Arre toh tum khudke liye kab kuch banaoge?” [Hey, when are you going to make something for yourself?]
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Further, she adds to not just call the food your “husband ka tiffin” if it is your lunch too. “Aap bhi gachkao, aap bhi khao, aap bhi mazze lo. Toh bolo sabke lunch mein kya bana hai.” [You also enjoy, you also eat. So say, here is what I made for everyone’s lunch]

She adds, “Overall I think as women, we stop making things which we like because family mein kisi ko nahi pasand hai, isiliye hum bhool gye banana.” [because others in the family may not like it, so we forget to make it]

Salon se humne nahi banaya hai mummy ka vo jo sabzi hume pasand tha vo hum replicate nahi karte hai because bachcho ko nahi pasand hai, husband ko nahi pasand hai, maybe in-laws ko nahi pasand hai, par aapko toh pasand hai na? Toh banaiye, khaiye, aur enjoy kijiye.” [For years, we have not made that sabzi we loved that our mom made, we don’t replicate it because the kids don’t like it, the husband doesn’t like it, maybe in-laws don’t like it — but you like it, right? So make it, eat it, and enjoy.]

Many women resonated with the content of the video and shared their personal stories and views in the comments section. Take a look:

An Instagram user wrote, “I told my mom I was preparing a certain dish, she immediately said hope your husband likes it. I promptly replied I like it, it is for me.”

An inspired woman added, “So true. Kal hi karele banati hu apne liye.” [I will make bitter gourd for myself tomorrow.]
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Appreciating the content, one wrote, “More women who claim their own spaces! Love you!” and another added, “More powers to you Ma’am for making such good content.”

Some fun comments included, “I thought aunty gonna troll but aunty speaking gold,” and “adding ‘gachkane’ to my dictionary brb.”

If you too have not cooked something for yourself in a while, make sure to cook and enjoy something you love today. Happy eating!

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