Mrunal Thakur Welcomes “Mango Season” By Embarking On A Kacchi Kairi Feast

Mrunal Thakur was eagerly waiting for the summer. Why, you ask? To tantalise her taste buds with the tangy-sweet flavour of kacchi kairi aka raw mangoes. Taking a nostalgic dive into her childhood, Mrunal Thakur took to her Instagram stories and dropped a video of herself relishing kacchi kairi slices. She shared the happy news with her fans and declared that “the mango season is back.” Addressing her Delhi fanbase, Mrunal Thakur said, “Delhi waalon, agar tum logon ne kairi nahi khayi toh kya khayee? (Delhi people, if you guys did not eat raw mangoes, then what did you eat?). 

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The Sita Ramam actress demonstrated how to have raw mangoes the correct way and we were all ears. First, Mrunal took out one of the sliced pieces from a bowl. Next, she dipped the piece into some chilli powder masala, coupled with a “little bit of salt.” And voila, the treat was ready. Right after taking a bite of the masala-coated kairi slice, Mrunal Thakur entered into a happy food coma as the zesty taste hit her. Her delightful expressions served as proof. “This is childhood, adulthood, lifehood,” admitted the actress. We simply agreed.

Mrunal Thakur is an ardent foodie who often drops her culinary ventures on social media. Earlier, the actress showcased her love for home-cooked meals via Instagram Stories. The “simple” and healthy meal featured a fine display of an array of desi food items arranged on a traditional banana leaf. It included fried cauliflower sabzi, two golden-brown puris, and a bowl of rice. Additionally, one vessel contained plain yellow dal. To top it all off, another bowl had a special Indian sweet dish — angoori rasamalai. A lemon slice with a glass of water completed the lip-smacking meal.  Read all about it here.

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Mrunal Thakur proved that she is one of us by resorting to a plate of aloo paratha and a bowl of yoghurt, not so long ago. After all, who can resist the delectable taste of this staple breakfast dish that is also a household favourite? “Crispy aloo paratha before the hectic schedule. Home,” read the caption of her Instagram story. 

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We hope Mrunal Thakur takes us on another gastronomical journey soon.

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