Move Over Steamed, Water Momos Will Warm Your Heart This Winter – Plus, A Quick Recipe You Cant Miss!

Momo is a beloved snack that needs no introduction. These are dumplings typically made by stuffing a small, thinly-rolled piece of flour dough with veggies, chicken, paneer, lamb, cheese, tofu, and more. Momos can be enjoyed by dunking them in soup or dipping them in spicy chutneys and mayonnaise. Over the past few years, momos have emerged as one of the most favourite Indian street snacks, alongside the evergreen golgappas. Indian street-style momos are widely available in two main cooking styles-steamed and fried. Additionally, there are variations such as tandoori momos for a smoky flavour or kurkure momos for a crunchy crust. Momos are also served coated with mouth-watering sauces like sweet and savoury cocktail momos or creamy Afghani momos.
If you are a momo fan, you might have tried all of the variations mentioned above. However, have you tried Water Momos? Curious to find out what it is? Read on!

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What Are Water Momos?

Water Momos are neither steamed nor fried. They involve cooking momos by boiling them in water, a popular Nepali style of preparing momos. This is a healthy technique for cooking delicious momos, definitely healthier than fried momos. Plus, it is perfect for momo enthusiasts who want to make their favourite snack at home but do not have a steamer at home and do not like any makeshift steaming styles.
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How to Make Water Momos at Home

Making water momos is super easy. Once you are done stuffing the momos with your favourite filling and giving them a shape of your choice, heat a kadhai on the stove and fill it with 2 litres of water. Once the water starts boiling, add the momos. Yes, we are boiling momos in a kadhai full of water and not oil! Keep the flame high so the water stays boiling throughout the cooking process. Stir occasionally, and the momos will grow bigger and rise to the top of the kadhai. Your at-home, delicious Water Momos will be ready in just 10-15 minutes.
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Water momos can be a perfect snack for winter evenings. Making momos at home with your family can be a fun and delicious experience. If you are a gravy momos fan, you can add these Water Momos to a delicious gravy of your choice. Click here to explore our impressive collection of gravy momos recipes.

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