Move Over Bread-Butter! Honey Butter Toast Is The Ultimate Breakfast Dish You Must Try

Mornings are usually hectic. And on the weekends, you just don’t feel like getting out of bed and spending hours in the kitchen. It’s the same with us. But we don’t compromise on taste! This is why we are on a constant hunt for recipes that are quick, uncomplicated, and taste delicious. Recently, we came across one such recipe that fits the category just perfectly! It’s honey butter toast. That’s right. It is an upgraded version of the basic bread-and-butter, with some extra ingredients in it. Don’t worry, there’s nothing elaborate. This unique recipe has been shared by Chef Kirti Bhoutika on her official Instagram handle. Let’s take you through.

How To Make Honey Butter Toast:

It is simple. Start with taking a slice of bread and cutting the edges. Then prepare a mix using butter, brown sugar, and honey and spread it all over the bread. Toast it on a tawa and enjoy.

How To Make Honey Butter Toast Sandwich:

Now, if you want to upgrade your meal and make it fancier, you can prepare a delicious sandwich with it. All you need to do is spread some chocolate-hazelnut spread (here: Nutella) between two slices of bread. Of course, cut the edges of the slices beforehand. Then, cover the sandwich with the butter, brown sugar, and honey spread and toast every side properly, until the sandwich turns crispy and brown. Cut the sandwich from the center, and serve it with some fresh cream and fruit. You can customize these accompaniments as per your choice. Sounds quite simple, right?

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Watch the detailed recipe video of the honey butter toast sandwich here:

Bonus Tip: How To Make Nutella At Home:

If you want your honey butter toast sandwich to be extra special, here’s a homemade Nutella recipe for you to try. It’s very easy. Start with roasting hazelnuts in a preheated oven and allow them to cool. Now, blend the nuts in a processor until they turn smooth and creamy. To it, add coconut oil, sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract and blend into a creamy spread. Transfer your homemade Nutella to a container and store it in a cool and dry place for later use. Click here for the detailed recipe.

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