Moonly app introduces AI dream interpreter for iPhone; Know how ‘The Dreamer’ works

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night wondering about the dream you just had? Sometimes our dreams do not make any sense but our curious mind always demands an explanation for it. Therefore, to solve this problem, an astrology app called Moonly has announced an AI dream interpreter that gives users insight into their dreams in a meaningful manner. The AI interpreter provides in-depth information in the form of unique images so, users can easily understand what was the dream meant. The AI interpreter is called “The Dreamer” which generates responses based on user prompts. Know more about Moonly’s AI feature.

Moonly AI dream interpreter

According to a 9To5Mac report, Moonly’s AI dream interpreter is a trained Stable Diffusion model that is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It collects the data from the user text prompts and analyzes dreams with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic method. Then the tool describes the user’s dream in a customized way with the help of text or image explanations. Vitaliy Urban, Moonly app founder said, “The implementation of artificial intelligence in Moonly allows users to gain insights into the meaning of their dreams immediately upon waking up. No more digging through dream dictionaries or waiting for the next session with a psychoanalyst to understand the significance of their dreams.”

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Moonly AI dream interpreter is known as “The Dreamer” which is only for iOS users. The users can use the AI interpreter two times in the free version. For more interpretation, users will have to opt for the app’s subscription plan. However, there is also a limit to one dream per day. The app is also working on bringing new features to “The Dreamer” which will enable the user to save dreams directly to the Moonly app. Also, note that the generated dream interpretation can be changed or edited by the users. Therefore, in just one go, you have to provide all the details about your dream.

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