Microsoft Teams introduces an easier way to control webcam, audio on PC; Know how to use it

The sudden demand for online communication platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in the popularity of apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and of course, Microsoft Teams. Now, there is healthy competition to become the number one workspace provider in the market. Bolstering its ambitions to become the best, Microsoft has been rolling out new features to Teams in recent months. Most importantly, it has received the AI benefit too with the inclusion of 365 Copilot. Now, the Redmond-based tech giant has announced new ways to control webcam and audio on Microsoft Teams, aiming to make life easier for users. Know what’s new.

Microsoft Teams update

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that it is introducing an easier and more efficient way to control webcam and audio input and output on Teams. Previously, users would have to browse through multiple layers of settings to navigate to the relevant tab, but not anymore. With the latest update, Microsoft Teams Public Preview users can quickly manage audio and video settings during meetings with a single touch from the Meeting toolbar.

How to use it

1. To access these quick settings, click the downward arrow next to the Camera button or the Mic button on the Meeting toolbar during a meeting.

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2. Then, click either the More Video Options link or the More Audio Options link at the bottom of the menu to open the side panel.

3. You can also access those settings by clicking the More Actions button on the Meeting toolbar.

4. Then, select either Audio settings or Video effects and settings.

Who can use these features?

To get access to these features, Microsoft says you need to be a member of the Teams Public Preview or Microsoft 365 Targeted Release. Then, you can use the new Teams client for Windows or macOS and use the quick settings. The features will be rolled out to all Microsoft Teams users in the coming months.

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