Masalas Going Tasteless? Here Are 5 Ways To Store Spices Properly

Whole or ground, spices enhance the flavour of every dish. In Indian cuisine, spices play a major role not just in sensory but visual appeal as well. These ingredients have the magic to alter the taste of every dish. Not just the taste but spices can also make any dish aromatic. Think of the whole spices used in a biryani or dal. However, as incredible as they are, spices also have a tendency to go bad or tasteless. This is why it is important to store them the right way. If you are living alone for the first time or looking for a way to increase the shelf life of your spices, then read on to learn more about the 5 ways to store spices properly.

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Air tight containers can help with the shelf life of spices.

Airtight containers can help with the shelf life of spices.
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Here Are 5 Ways To Store Spices Properly

1. Airtight Containers

The first and most important step to storing your spices is to buy air-tight containers. Spices have the tendency to attract moisture, so they need to be kept out of the air. Use jars or containers that have air-tight lids that make sure no air goes inside. This way, you will have fresh spices for a longer period. Also, make sure to lock the container every time you use the spices. 

2. Cool Storage 

Now that you have stored your spices in air-tight containers, place them in a dark and cool storage area. If you want to keep the spices fresh and flavourful for a long, it is important to store them away from hot stoves, ovens, and sunlight. The spices, when exposed to heat, can lose their flavour. This could lead to less colour and taste in your dish. Allot a separate rack for your spices away from direct sunlight and hot appliances.

3. No Humidity

Have you noticed how salt clubs up during monsoon season? This is because of its capacity to attract moisture and humidity from air. Sometimes, leaving the spices open for long, even if they are stored in air-tight containers, can make them clumped up which compromises the quality of it. Keep the stored spices away from humid areas like near the sink to prevent this clumping. However, if you live in a humid climate, you can try storing the spices in moisture-absorbing packets.

Labeling can make kitchen organization easy.

Labelling can also make kitchen organization easy.
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4. Label 

If you have a tick to organize everything, then you must understand the importance of labelling. To keep your spices fresh and flavourful for long, label the container with the date when you opened them. This would help you keep track of their freshness. Labelling your containers also helps in a smooth cooking process as it would avoid confusion between similar texture/colour-looking spices.

5. Ground As Per Need

Solid or whole spices have a longer shelf life than grounded ones. If you have limited space, no air-tight containers or just live in a humid climate, you should consider buying whole spices and grinding them as per need. This would not only ensure that you consume fresh, flavourful spices but also extend their shelf life. All you need to have is a good mixer grinder or a mortar pestle and you are good to go.

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