Man Sells His Watch To Person In Kashmir, Receives Walnuts And Rajma In Return

We come across a lot of negative incidents and despair-filled stories online as well as in real life almost every day. Amidst all the sadness and hate, small examples of kindness and thoughtful gestures can make our day. Even simply reading about them can restore our faith in humanity. One such post that is grabbing eyeballs online was shared by X user Deepak Abbot. Near the end of December 2023, he posted an open call on the platform for anyone looking to buy a pre-owned Garmin watch from him.

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Later, on January 9, 2024, he shared what happened after being connected with a person interested in the deal. He wrote, “Sold this to someone in Srinagar. It was a purely commercial deal (with an unknown person) BUT he sent me a huge packet of Kashmiri walnuts and Rajma packets as a gift. Have no words for such goodness and thoughtfulness. Touched!!!”” Take a look at the post below.

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The incident has received a lot of interest online. X users have also been touched by the gesture of the Kashmiri buyer. Read some of the reactions below:

“Good people are everywhere great people are God send.”

“So sweet! These are the unexpected things that make your day.”

“My mom used to buy clothes from some Kashmiri chaps who used to go door to door in Bangalore. They used to gift walnuts too. Used to feel walnuts were more expensive than the clothes we bought .”

“The world needs more of such thoughtful gestures.”

“Such heartwarming stories keep me hopeful about humanity.”

Before this, a different type of heart-warming incident took the internet by storm. A viral video showed a content creator helping out a hungry family by taking them to a restaurant. It seems to have moved many people online to tears. Check out the full story here.

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