Making Imli Chutney At Home Just Got Easier! 5 Tips To Make It Perfectly

If there is one thing we Indians can never get enough of, it is chutney. Whether with our main course meal or evening snack, it instantly elevates its flavour, doesn’t it? This popular accompaniment comes in different flavours, ranging from sweet and spicy to tangy. Now, of course, you can enjoy a separate chutney to match every flavour, but one that combines all of them perfectly is imli chutney. Be it along with samosa, dahi bhalla, or kachori, we’ve seen it make its way through all of these mouth-watering snacks. However, many people find it challenging to prepare imli chutney at home. The consistency may not be right, or it may not have all the flavours balanced fully. If this sounds familiar to you, then keep on reading as we share some pro tips on how to master the art of making this classic chutney at home.
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Cooking Tips: Here Are 5 Tips To Make Perfect Imli Chutney At Home:

1. Use good-quality imli

The quality of the imli must be your top priority when preparing this chutney. Since it is the key ingredient, there’s no way you can compromise on this. Ensure that the imli you are using is fresh and of high quality. Avoid using imli that has been lying around in your kitchen for too long, as it won’t give you the desired results. Trust us, this tip is the real deal-breaker.

2. Soak it in water

You must also soak the imli in water for some time before cooking it. Why, you may ask? Well, this is because soaking helps soften the imli, making it easier to remove the pulp. If you skip this step, it can be challenging to do so. And this is something you’d definitely not want when making this chutney, right? So, remember to always soak first and then cook.

3. Balance out the flavours

A perfect imli chutney has the ideal balance of flavours. It’s not just sweet but also tangy and slightly spicy at the same time. If only one flavour is there, you’ll feel like something is lacking, and it won’t taste as great. To achieve this perfect flavour, ensure you’re not adding too much of any ingredient, whether it’s sugar, jeera, salt, red chilli powder, or any other spice.

4. Cook it over the right flame

Once all the ingredients are well combined, you need to transfer them to a pan and cook for a few minutes. However, what most people often ignore at this step is the flame level. Always keep the flame on low-medium, as this will ensure your chutney achieves the right consistency. If you cook it on high flame, there is a high chance of it becoming too thick or even burning.
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5. Do not forget to strain it

Yes, it is important to strain your imli chutney after cooking it! Wondering why? It’s because straining helps remove any extra lumps in the chutney, ensuring it has a super smooth consistency. It may take you a few extra minutes, but the results are truly satisfying. So, if you wish to make imli chutney just like the one you get on the street, bookmark this tip and see the results for yourself!

Making imli chutney at home is not as difficult as it seems. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to make it perfectly every single time! To get you started, here’s an easy imli chutney recipe for you.

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