“Makhanauts” – Amul Shares Topical For Astronauts Of Gaganyaan Mission

It was recently announced that Group Captain Ajit Krishnan, Group Captain Angad Pratap, Group Captain Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair, and Wing Commander Shubhanshu Shukla will form the crew of the much-awaited Gaganyaan Mission. According to the official website of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), this project envisages the “demonstration of human spaceflight capability by launching a crew of 3 members to an orbit of 400 km for a 3-day mission and bring them back safely to earth, by landing in Indian sea waters.” The announcement of the selection of the crew members has made headlines across the country. Popular dairy brand Amul has shared a creative topical to mark the occasion.

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The illustration depicts the four Indian Air Force officers who have been named for this prestigious mission. Amul has given a signature twist to the topical, as usual. Each astronaut is seen holding buttered slices of bread in one of their hands. The text at the top of the image reads, “Makhanauts” – a play on the word “makhan” (meaning “butter” in English). The text at the bottom reads, “Sky is the limit”. Take a look at the topical below:

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Before this, Amul had shared an illustration to mark the opening of Atal Setu, India’s longest sea bridge, in Mumbai. Wondering what wordplay the brand employed? Check it out here.

Through its topicals, Amul doesn’t just celebrate moments of national importance. Sometimes, it also jumps on trends and shares its unique take on viral topics. For instance, Amul had posted a topical on the “orange peel theory” which took social media by storm some time ago. Read the full story here.

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