Make Your Weekend Indulgent! Enjoy Tasty Chocolate Desserts And Save Big Via NDTV Big Bonus App

Hey there, dessert lovers, what is on your mind this weekend? Are you planning to whip up something yourself or head to your favourite bakery? Whatever your plan may be, we are sure you’ll definitely be eager to try different desserts. While there are plenty of options to choose from, chocolate desserts are evergreen and always make us drool. This weekend, how about satisfying your sweet tooth with decadent chocolate desserts? Mithaas has some amazing options to choose from that’ll leave you asking for more. From pastry and doughnuts to cupcakes, they have it all. The best part? If you use the NDTV Big Bonus App, you will receive gift coupons on your purchases and up to 10% in rewards on the app. Isn’t that amazing? Download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app, and link your bank cards to earn these rewards. Don’t worry; linking your credit and debit cards to the app is completely secure, so make the most of your order while earning.
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Here Are 4 Mouth-Watering Chocolate Desserts You Must Try:

1. Choco Truffle Pastry

Chocolate truffle pasty is an all-time favourite chocolate dessert. Moist chocolate sponge is topped with a rich chocolate truffle ganache, making it truly indulgent. It’s a dessert that will instantly elevate your mood and make your weekend better.

2. Chocolate Lollipop

Want to surprise your kids with something exciting? These chocolate lollipops are a great option. The cake is shaped just like a lollipop and topped with chocolate shavings. It’s quite attractive, and it will certainly be a hit with your kids.

3. Chocolate Brownie

Is there anyone who doesn’t love brownies? We guess not! This yummy brownie has a soft and gooey texture and will fix your sweet cravings in no time. Top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and enjoy.

4. Chocolate Cupcakes

You can also treat yourself to delicious chocolate cupcakes. They are super moist and bursting with rich, chocolaty flavour. The luscious chocolate icing on top makes them even more indulgent. 
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Treat yourself to these delectable chocolate desserts from Mithaas and enjoy your weekend the right way. Download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app, and link your bank cards to collect up to 10% in rewards and discount coupons while you shop after spending a minimum amount. Once you link your cards to the app, you will increase your vINR balance whenever you use the same cards. The rewards you get with the NDTV Big Bonus are over and above any amount you receive from any credit card or bank rewards program. This vINR balance can be used to shop at any of the brands listed on the app.

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