Made With Love: How Food Can Become A Medium To Bring People Closer

Food is a universal love language that can be used to express love in all kinds of relationships. It is also a powerful and delicious medium to foster new connections. An example that comes to mind is the beautiful Ritesh Batra film ‘The Lunchbox’, starring Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur in lead roles. The film explores a budding romantic relationship between a young housewife and a lonely widower, who accidentally connect due to a mistake in delivery by Mumbai’s tiffin service. 

Whether you are meeting new people or strengthening your relationship with those already in your life, food can truly spice up your relationships and keep them fresh. Here are some ways to use food as a medium to increase or improve your social connections.

5 Ways Food Can Help You Form Better Relationships:

1. Power Of Potlucks

Organizing potluck lunches or dinners, whether with family, friends or colleagues, is a great way to spend the best time with food. For the unversed, potluck involves everyone at least one dish, and together all these dishes from individuals create a feast to be shared by all. Potlucks thrive on sharing food, love, happiness and strengthening connections.

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2. Catching Up With Friends Or Going On A Date

Have you ever wondered why most dates or catch-ups revolve around food? More than saying ‘going out’, we often say ‘going out for dinner’ or ‘going out for coffee.’ This isn’t a coincidence. Of all the ways to spend time with your loved ones, eating together is probably the most common and loved option to have a good time.

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3. Cooking Together

Cooking or baking together can be a fun bonding experience, whether with friends or family. You can mess up the kitchen, experiment, taste every little ingredient and cry your eyes out while chopping the onions. Make sure you have fun, cook with joy and the magic will happen!

4. Cooking/Buying Something Special For Loved Ones

How cute is it to bake a surprise cake for your sister or bring along delicacies from your hometown for your colleagues? Just like a handwritten note or a bouquet, giving a food item to your people is a gesture of love and care.

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5. Feeding With Your Hands

We have talked about cooking and sharing food, and lastly, perhaps the most intimate food experience to express your love is feeding someone with your hands. Many parents love feeding their kids with their own hands, even if the child can eat on their own. Children too reciprocate, putting a piece of chocolate in their parent’s mouth. When we cut a birthday cake, we feed people around us, even if we do it with a spoon. This gesture of feeding with your hands can seem a little cheesy but is through and through made of love.

Do you have any other ideas to share love through food? Share with us in the comments section. 

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