Luxury space capsule set to take the uber-rich to the edge of space: Check price, amenities, more

We have seen so many space movies with scientists and astronomers travelling to space and building a home with their families. However, a Florida-based company called Space Perspective is going to make the fictional space film into reality by showcasing its luxury space capsule with amenities that will simply blow your mind. While the capsule aims to take humans to the edge of space, the trip can only be afforded by the super-rich. Also, the capsule will not include a rocket flight but it will use a space balloon. Sounds interesting, right?

Space Balloon price and amenities

According to a report by The Sun, the luxurious space capsule will take travellers to an altitude of 100000 feet above Earth under a gigantic balloon. The journey in the space capsule will cost a whopping $125000. The capsule can carry eight passengers as it comes with 9 super comfortable reclining seats and the entire journey will give access to lavish amenities. The space lounge facilities will include Wi-Fi, fine dining, sound systems, a bar, and more, the kind that we have only seen in the movies.

It is reported that the passengers will be able to enjoy expansive panoramic views through the largest windows flown to space. They will also enjoy the luxury of a “proper restroom” which is said to be the Space Spa. Space Perspective said, “With the largest windows ever flown to space and a spherical design that allows for the roomiest interior of any human spaceflight capsule ever made, our spaceship offers the most incredible panoramic views of Earth.” The space capsule is said to be 16 feet in diameter while the space balloon should be double the size of the capsule. Additionally, the capsule will be fitted with telescopic cameras enabling passengers to take a closer look at Earth. The first test capsule is named Spaceship Neptune – Excelsior which is inspired by late balloon space-jump pioneer Joe Kittinger.

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