Love Aloo Lachha Namkeen? Now Enjoy It Guilt-Free With This Air Fryer Recipe

If there is one snack that we Indians can never get enough of eating, it is namkeen. Be it while travelling, during work hours, or in the evenings, we can have it anytime and anywhere. Whenever someone opens up a packet of namkeen, we just can’t wait to have a bite. While all namkeens are loved equally, aloo lachha namkeen is quite popular. It is quite basic, but at the same time, it guarantees a burst of flavour in every bite. However, the only downside is that it is deep-fried, making it super unhealthy. But wait, what if we tell you there’s a healthier way to make it? Yes, it’s possible. All you need is a trusty air fryer, and you can enjoy your beloved namkeen totally guilt-free. 
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Is Aloo Lachha Namkeen Healthy?

This would depend on the way you cook the aloo lachha namkeen. Traditionally, this snack is deep-fried, which leads to the consumption of extra calories. However, you can make it healthier by relying on other cooking methods. This air fryer recipe is one such great example. It offers similar results as the traditional deep-frying method but is cooked with less oil. If you do not have an air fryer, you can even consider using an oven to make this namkeen.

How To Ensure Aloo Lachha Namkeen Remains Crispy?

Aloo lachha namkeen can easily become soggy if not stored properly. To prevent this, make sure not to overcrowd them in the air fryer basket. This results in even cooking, thus making them super crispy. You must also transfer them to a plate lined with tissue paper to drain any excess oil. Remember to always store it in an airtight container if you do not wish to consume it immediately.

Aloo Lachha Namkeen Recipe | How To Make Aloo Lachha Namkeen In An Air Fryer

This recipe for aloo lachha namkeen was shared on the Instagram page @picklesandwine. You just need four ingredients to make it and a good air fryer. Start by cutting the potatoes into thin strips. Soak them in water for around 15 to 20 minutes. This step is important as it helps remove extra starch from the potatoes. Once done, pat them dry well and transfer them to a large bowl. To this, add red chilli powder, salt, and oil. Mix well to ensure the potato strips are well coated with the spices and oil. Transfer them to your air fryer basket and air fry at 190 degrees C for about 12 to 15 minutes. Make sure to drizzle some oil in the basket before air-frying, or else the potato strips will stick to it. You can store this aloo lachha namkeen in an air-tight container for up to a week.
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Watch the detailed recipe video for aloo lachha namkeen here:

Looks easy, right? Try this tasty namkeen recipe at home and enjoy it totally guilt-free for your next chai session. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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