Looking For Vitamin D-Rich Vegetarian Food? Here Are 5 Healthy And Tasty Indian Recipes

We all know vitamins are important for the proper functioning of our body. However, we often forget that we are surrounded by several natural food sources that are rich in vitamins and minerals. All we need to do is mindfully shift our diet towards eating foods that are rich in nutrients. While all vitamins are important, in this article we will be focusing on vitamin D, which helps the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, which are critical for building bone strength. Laboratory studies have also shown that vitamin D can reduce cancer cell growth, control infections and reduce inflammation, according to the Public Health School of Harvard University. 

The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Vitamin D is about 15 mcg (600 IU), as per the US National Institute of Health (NIH). Few foods naturally contain vitamin D, and many of them are non-vegetarian. If you follow a vegetarian diet, here are some Indian recipes to help increase your vitamin D intake.

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Here Are 5 Vegetarian Indian Recipes Rich In Vitamin D:

1. Palak Paneer

Paneer is a good source of vitamin D, so adding any kind of paneer recipe to your diet helps in increasing your vitamin D intake. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 grams of paneer contains 5.3 mcg of Vitamin D (D2 + D3). Spinach is a rich source of vitamin C, B6, magnesium, and iron. Combine these two healthy ingredients and turn them into a lip-smacking Palak Paneer sabzi. Here is the full recipe

2. Mushroom Stir-Fry

According to the USDA, 100 grams of white mushrooms contain 7 IU of Vitamin D (D2 + D3). You can eat mushrooms by making a delicious Indian-style stir-fry dish. You can eat this dish directly or pair it with roti. Check out the full step-by-step recipe here.

3. Fortified Milk-Based Desserts

Milk is a good source of fat-soluble vitamins D and A, as well as high-quality protein and calcium. However, vitamins A and D are lost when milk fat is removed during processing. According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), “fortification of milk with Vitamin A and Vitamin D is required in India because of the widespread deficiencies present in the population.” You can drink fortified milk directly or use it to prepare delicious Indian desserts like kheer or phirni.
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4. Paneer Tikka

While we have already discussed the vitamin D contents of paneer in the Palak Paneer recipe, if you are looking for a vegetarian snack, you can also try the evergreen Paneer Tikka. Make sure you use fortified oil while frying the paneer pieces. According to FSSAI, fortified oil is known to provide 25%-30% of the recommended dietary allowances for vitamins A and D. Here is the recipe.

5. Masala Oats

You can make a delicious vitamin D-rich breakfast or evening snack using fortified oats. Not all oatmeal is fortified with vitamin D, so it is important to check the packaging before you purchase the oats. If you find milk-based oatmeal boring, you can bring out your spice box and make a bowl of yummy and healthy masala oats. Here is the full recipe.
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Include these recipes in your daily diet to ensure you are regularly consuming healthy foods rich in vitamin D.

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