Lohri 2024: These 5 Gur Desserts Will Amp Up Your Festive Meal

Lohri 2024 is a few days away but we all must start preparing for it. After all, it’s one of the most important festivities among Punjabis and is celebrated with much grandeur and pomp. Seeing people dressed in bright and gorgeous outfits singing and dancing their way, celebrating the harvest festival is a treat to the eyes. And just like every other festivity, food makes for an important part of Lohri celebrations. While you are busy preparing a menu for your grand festive meal, don’t forget about desserts. We have listed about five yummy gur dessert recipes that will make your Lohri memorable.  

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1) Almond And Sesame Pinni

This is a Punjabi sweet mainly prepared during the winter season. Almond and sesame pinni includes the usage of jaggery for the much-needed sweetness. Prepared in pure ghee, these pinnis spell indulgence. You can definitely prepare this popular snack during Lohri and treat your loved ones. Find the recipe here.

2) Gud Ka Halwa

When you think of sweets, halwa is one of those popular desi dishes that comes to your mind. This sumptuous gud ka halwa is nutritious and healthy. It’s a traditional sweet typically prepared with semolina, jaggery and lots of crunchy nuts. It’s absolutely irresistible and gives a perfect finishing touch to your meal. Click here for the recipe.   


3) Til Ladoo

There’s a reason why sweet dishes prepared with til and gud are so popular during winter. It’s believed that til, also known as sesame seeds and gud, also called jaggery, are warm and they help your body especially, in this nippy weather. Make these laddoos and satiate your sweet tooth. Recipe here.

til ladoo

4) Murmura Ladoo

Yes, you may have relished murmura (puffed rice) in the form of bhel or other savoury delights. But you will be amazed to know that it can be relished in sweets as well. This crispy and tasty murmura ladoo is proof. You hardly need three ingredients to make this – murmura, jaggery and water. Find the recipe here.  

5) Gur And Til Cake

If you want to add something fancy to your menu, consider making this yummy cake. It’s prepared with gur, til, refined flour, butter and egg. Of course, you can skip eggs if you don’t want to have them during Lohri. For the ganache, use white butter and gur. Recipe here.

Happy Lohri, 2024!

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