Lohri 2024: Celebrate The Festival With These 5 Evergreen Dishes For Dinner

The festival of Lohri marks the end of the chilling winter and brings in the warmth that we all have been waiting for! This auspicious festival is observed the night before Makar Sankranti and is meant to celebrate the harvests of the season. While this festival is extremely popular in the Punjab region, the festivities have spread across the country! This year, we celebrate this religious festival on January 14. People love to gather around the bonfire and munch on chikkis and peanuts. If you have been planning to hold a Lohri gathering this year, then we have found some classic recipes that you can serve post-festivities.

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Lohri 2024: 5 Wholesome And Evergreen Recipes For Dinner

1. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is the quintessential Indian dish with so many variations found in different regions of our country as well as abroad! This Punjabi dal is one of the most relished dals among foodies. The velvety dal is garnished with butter and creamy to give it its signature makhani flavour. Click here for the recipe for Dal Makhani.


2. Pav Bhaji

This Maharashtrian delicacy has managed to win hearts all over the country! The spicy, masaledaar and chatpati bhaji is made from a variety of veggies like cauliflower, peas, potatoes and more. This is one dish, loved by people of all ages and cooked with different variations in different households. The soft and buttery pav dipped in bhaji just melts in your mouth. Click here for the recipe of Pav Bhaji.

3. Paneer Makhani

The ultimate paneer curry – paneer makhani – is always on the menu wherever we go. Soft and mellow paneer cubes cooked in spicy, rich tomato gravy, along with milk cream and butter, make this an irresistibly delicious Paneer Makhani recipe. Pair it with steamed rice or a flavourful pulao. Click here for the recipe for Paneer Makhani.


4. Chole Bhature

Tangy and spicy chole served with crispy and fluffy bhature is the perfect indulgence for North Indian foodies. This Punjabi dish is a complete meal on a plate. With a complete host of spices such as bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin seeds, cloves, whole peppercorns, green and black cardamom, cooked together with chickpeas, the flavourful chole ties the meal together perfectly. Click here for the recipe of Chole Bhature.

5. Malai Kofta

The most sought-after vegetarian dish at restaurants and dinner parties, malai kofta curry is a rich, creamy, mild and slightly sweet dish that is mouth-watering and loved by kids and adults, alike. Serve along with butter garlic naan and have a delightful whole meal. Click here for the recipe for Malai Kofta.

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Make these scrumptious veg curries to celebrate this festival and tell us which one is your favourite in the comments section.

Happy Lohri 2024!

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