Lohri 2024: 5 Traditional Foods To Include In Delicious Lohri Ki Thali

‘Lo aagyi Lohri re!’ Lohri is a Punjabi folk festival marked every year in January. The festival is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm, mostly in North India, as the festival of harvest. It marks the harvest of crops like sugar cane, peanuts, and radish. This year, people are celebrating Lohri 2024 on either January 13, 2024 or January 14, 2024. It is also the perfect festival for winter as people light bonfires and go around the fire — praying, singing folk songs and dancing. People also sit in groups around the bonfire to beat the winter chill.  

Along with lighting bonfires and socialising, eating some Lohri special foods is also an important part of the festival. People prepare a special ‘Lohri Ki Thali’ to feast on after lighting the bonfire. If you too want to prepare a delicious and aromatic ‘Lohri Ki Thali’ this year, here are 5 foods you must include: 

5 Delicious Foods To Include In Your 2024 ‘Lohri Ki Thaali’: 

1. Sarson Da Saag 

Sarson da Saag is a Punjabi winter delicacy, a must-have on the joyous occasion of Lohri. Since this is the best time of the year to get your hands on Sarson ka saag (mustard greens), you must enjoy this dish, as long as it is in season. Make sure to top the saag with lots of butter for a delicious treat. Here is the complete recipe. 

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2. Makki Ki Roti 

If you are making Sarson da saag, it has to be paired with Makki ki roti. Makki ki roti stands for a flatbread prepared from cornmeal (maize flour). It is best to freshly cook the rotis on the stove and serve hot and fresh, as these rotis may get hard and dry if cooked in advance. You can prep the dough beforehand to save time. Here is the link for the step-by-step recipe.  

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3. Murmure Ke Ladoo 

Murmure ke ladoo is the perfect Lohri snack. These are crunchy, sweet, light and easy to make. To make these ladoos, all you need is rice puffs (murmure), jaggery and some water. Read more for the full recipe. 

4. Til Chikki, Gajjak And Rewari 

You cannot miss out on the goodness of munching on til sweets, such as chikkis, gajjaks and rewaris. Til refers to white sesame seeds which are delicious and healthy for consumption, especially in winter. You can combine white sesame seeds with either sugar or jaggery to make these sweets. These are also widely sold at sweet shops, especially around Lohri.  

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5. Popcorn and Peanuts 

Last, but not the least, are popcorn and peanuts, loved by people of all ages. Not only do people munch on these while enjoying the Lohri bonfire, but they also pop them into the fire as a form of prasad.  

Combine all these items on a big thaal or platter, and you have your ‘Lohri Ki Thali’ ready! Happy Lohri 2024! 

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