Like foldables, but high price a turn-off? Affordable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may be coming

Samsung, in the year 2023, had announced the 5th generation of its Galaxy Z Fold and Flip smartphones, however, the price was quite high in comparison to those offered by Chinese brands for their foldable. Keeping the advancement and competition in mind, it is rumored that Samsung may bring an entry-level Galaxy Z Fold 6 with a sleek and thinner body as compared to Galaxy Z Fold 5. Therefore, this suggests that we may see a cheaper and more affordable version of Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the coming months. Know more about Samsung foldable plans here.

About entry-level Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

According to the Elec report, Samsung may bring a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 to dominate the Chinese foldable market. While Galaxy Z Fold 5 grabbed attention, its price tag was much at the higher end, making it less accessible to the mid-range smartphone community. While other brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, HONOR, and other Chinese companies are bringing innovative foldable at affordable prices, Samsung is reportedly trying to do the same by bringing entry-level Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

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Additionally, the source also shared a chart showcasing specs comparison of different foldable phones. In the chart, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 turned out to be the thickest smartphone. Therefore, Samsung may also be planning to introduce a sleeker version of their new foldable series. However, Samsung may face a huge number of challenges in releasing an entry-level foldable due to the smartphone industry being down, making the company worried about stagnating sales.

If Samsung enters the entry-level foldable market, then we will be seeing the Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the second half of 2024, but as of now, it is all in the realm of conjecture and Samsung has not shared anything about its plans. However, Android Authority quoted Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing at Samsung, Drew Blackard saying, “The prices of Samsung’s foldable would come down eventually but they are more focused on improvements.”

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