Latest Zoom update ends support for older iOS versions; Check if your iPhone is impacted

Zoom app for Windows and other devices is bringing new features and updates to improve its performance. In its recent release, Zoom has revealed that it will be ending support for the older iOS versions which indicates that some iPhone models may not be compatible with the app. It is being said that the Zoom app will be suitable for devices containing iOS 13 and newer versions. Therefore, if your iPhone is not updated to iOS 13, you will not be able to use the Zoom app on it.

Zoom for iPhone

According to the Zoom release, the app has rolled out changes including new features, updates and bug fixes. The report also highlights that the Zoom app will be ending support for iOS versions 11 and 12. Zoom said, “With next month’s planned release, iOS users will need to upgrade to iOS 13 or higher to continue to receive additional Zoom app updates.”

Therefore, from next month, iPhone or iPad users who cannot upgrade their devices to iOS 13 will not be able to enjoy the Zoom app and its future updates. The iOS 11 and 12 were launched in the years 2017 and 2018, which are now considered outdated according to Zoom’s new update to optimise functionality and enhance security measures. Zoom now urges users to update their software to continue enjoying Zoom’s current and future updates. This new move will affect people who rely on older hardware as they have to look for an iOS update or an entire device change.

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