Last-Minute Guests? Try This Quick and Easy Air Fryer Doughnuts Recipe

When it comes to satiating your sweet tooth, there is no such thing as too much. A couple of days back, I was visiting my hometown when some of my friends showed up at the door unexpectedly. That moment undoubtedly called for our favourite college snack combo – hot coffee and doughnuts. Since it was an impromptu meet, I did not have time to buy doughnuts in advance, so I decided to bake them! And that too in a healthier way in my air fryer. It was a team effort – we rolled the dough, cut it into shapes, air-fried it, and glazed it. And the best part was that these air fryer doughnuts were made within 45 minutes. I had the best time baking them, and now I will share this easy-to-make recipe with you! Read on to know more!

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Air fryer doughnuts are easy to make!

Air fryer doughnuts are easy to make!
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Which Is Better, Fried Or Air-Fried Donuts?

The preference for your doughnuts depends entirely on your taste. If you prefer a crispy texture and softer bread, then fried doughnuts would be better for you. However, deep-fried doughnuts are not healthy, and given the ingredients used to make them, would likely leave you with a heavy stomach. On the other hand, if you air fry doughnuts, you will get a healthier, less oily version of the same sweet treat. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of lots of used oil.

Where Did Donuts Originate From?

As per Britannica, the origins of doughnuts can be traced back to 17th and 18th-century New York’s Dutch immigrants. They made fried dough balls called “olykoeks” or “olie koeken,” which translates to “oil cakes.” The iconic ring shape of the doughnuts came in modern times.

Air fryer doughnuts are tasty and flavourful.

Air fryer doughnuts are tasty and flavourful.
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How To Make Air Fryer Doughnuts: Recipe To Make Air Fryer Doughnuts At Home Air Fryer

Doughnuts are easy to make and require minimal ingredients and effort. The one thing that you need to have to make this recipe is an air fryer. After combining all the ingredients required to make doughnuts, gently place them in your appliance. Make sure not to forget to line the air fryer rack with parchment paper. This recipe will not take more than 30 minutes to make. Once done, glaze them with a sugary slurry and let them sit in the refrigerator for 15-18 minutes for it to set. And they are ready to serve! Pair these doughnuts with coffee or hot chocolate!

Want a step-by-step guide? Read the full recipe here.

Bonus Tip

Air fryer doughnuts taste best when served fresh. Aside from glazing, you can also get creative with the choice of toppings. You can use melted chocolate, sprinkles, chopped nuts, or even shredded coconuts. You can also tweak the taste of the doughnuts by adding a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg to the dough.

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