Kolkata Vendor Makes Momos Stuffed With Chicken Biryani, Internet Says, “No Thanks”

Biryanis and momos are food favourites that people love! The aromatic flavours of biryanis, with spiced rice and meat/vegetables, and the delightful dumplings of momos have a way of bringing joy to taste buds. But what happens if we combine the two? A street food vendor in Kolkata has introduced a unique creation called ‘Biryani Momo,’ featuring chicken biryani stuffed inside a momo. The dish, priced at just Rs 120, quickly gained attention after a food blogger shared a video on Instagram page ‘haomaokhaovlogs’. The video captures the food blogger taking a delightful bite of the biryani momo, and praising it in front of the camera. “Kolkata’s First Time Biryani Momo! Yes! You Heard It Right! A New Concept Introduced By Momo Chayee!” the caption read. 

Take a look:

However, the unconventional dish didn’t quite win over the audience.  While the video has gone viral with over 1 million views, there has also been a storm of criticism on the Internet. 

One user commented, “Destroyed the whole ethnicity of momo as well as biriyani.”

Another wrote, “Maida coated Biryani? No thanks,” while a third user added, “This is what happens when you let your intrusive thoughts win.”

Someone else commented, “I will eat a plate of biryani for Rs 120, it will be better than this.”

A commentator sceptically asked whether they were serving “white sauce Raita instead of Mayonnaise.”

“Kolkata’s momo is so bad anyway. Then why do you do these experiments brother?” a comment read. 

Well, looks like the Biryani Momo was a fail with most Internet users, but Indian cuisine is known for its diverse flavours, and some unconventional fusion dishes have gained popularity over time. Here are a few:

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4. Pizza Samosa

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