Keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel! Some Android Auto apps will only work in ‘P’ mode

Safety first! While driving Android Auto wants you to keep your eyes on the road your hand upon the wheel! No distractions in the form of entertainment apps will be allowed and Google is taking active steps to enforce that. Now, some Android Auto apps will only work when your car is fully stopped and parked. These apps will only be seen in electric vehicles for entertainment while the car is charging or the driver is simply waiting. The app includes a set of Android touchscreen games that will keep the driver hooked when the car is on hold. EV users will be able to see these apps in the recent version of Android Auto. Know what it is about.

Android Auto version 11.4

According to a 9To5Google report, Android Auto version 11.4 will support entertainment apps that will only work when the car is stopped or parked. Users will not be able to access these apps when the car is in driving mode, as they are only available for entertainment purposes. Earlier if the driver tried to access the app, a pop-up would appear which would ask users to park to open the app, now the new update will showcase a “P” icon on the bottom of the app.

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These apps include gaming and video streaming apps such as the GameSnacks. The new icon is being introduced to bring clarity over which app can be used while driving.

Apart from apps, the Android Auto version 11.4 will also include message summaries which will integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to paraphrase text messages in 40 words. Note that the AI summaries will only work on long messages. For short messages, Google Assistant will read the content out loud.

According to reports, the Android Auto version 11.4 has started to roll out for the EV owners, however, keep an eye out on the Playstore to download the new updates.

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