Juices For Diabetics: What To Sip And What To Skip This Summer As Per Dietitian

Summers call for refreshing drinks to keep ourselves hydrated and nourished. To beat the scorching heat, we look for creative options to incorporate more water and nutrients into our diet. This is where the trend of juicing comes into existence. Juicing is the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Consuming fresh fruit juices is a staple in summer. Fruit juices make for a great choice to quench thirst and ward off the summer heat. However, because of the natural sweet content in the juices, this does not work for people with diabetes. Diabetic people have several dietary constraints, as diabetes can be a more complex condition than just having side effects on your blood sugar levels. But can diabetic people consume fruit juices in summer?

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Dietitian Shweta J Panchal shared a video on her Instagram page explaining which fruit juices diabetic people should avoid. At the same time, she mentioned a list of drinks which people with diabetes can drink.

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Which Drinks Should You Avoid Consuming If You Have Diabetes?

In a lengthy Instagram video, Dietitian Shweta J Panchal shares which drink you can consume if you have diabetes.

1. Mango Juice

Dietitian Panchal shares that diabetic people should avoid consuming mango juice or aam ka ras. Mango’s GI Index lies somewhere around 50-56. So, as per Dietitian Panchal, if you have your sugar levels controlled, then you can consume mango fruit up to thrice a week. But, avoid consuming mango juice.

2. Watermelon Juice

The GI index of watermelon juice is somewhere around 72. So, Dietitian Panchal recommends avoiding watermelon juice at all costs for people having diabetes or even otherwise. She also added that even if you have your sugar levels in control, consume watermelon in controlled portion sizes.

3. Sugarcane Juice

Explaining why diabetic people should not consume sugarcane juice, Dietitian Panchal gave an example of our grandparents. She says that our grandparents had a more active lifestyle which is why they could afford to consume sugarcane juice. However, since modern lifestyles have become more sedentary, consuming sugarcane juice is not a great idea.

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Which Drinks Can You Consume If You Have Diabetes?

After mentioning which fruit juices diabetic people should avoid drinking, Dietitian Shweta J Panchal mentioned which low-calorie summer drinks can be consumed.

1. Coconut Water

Coconut water has a GI Index of 54. As per Dietitian Panchal, try avoiding skipping the coconut malai – also known as coconut cream or coconut meat. Coconut water offers several benefits for your well-being. It can aid in weight loss, facilitate digestion, boost hydration, and can also help to cure hangovers.

2. Fruit Coolers

Dietitian Panchal recommends drinking fruit coolers in the summer. However, the fruit cooler should be made using just one or two pieces of fruit. As per Harvard School of Public Health, fruit coolers have no sugar and only a small amount of fruit. This refreshing drink is packed with ice’s crunchiness and is perfect to beat the summer heat.

3. Sabja Water

Sabja or basil seeds are usually a favourite among health-conscious individuals. Dietitian Panchal recommends adding a dash of lemon juice to the sabja water. The star ingredient of this drink, sabja, is a great source of minerals and vitamins, that can keep our bodies cool during summer. Sabja water can also cool your gut and save it from unwanted acidity-related problems.

4. Buttermilk

Also known as chaas or lassi, buttermilk is a must-have during summer. It is light on the stomach and extremely good for digestion. Add some salt and spices to make it tasty and refreshing.

5. Nimbu Pani

Packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, nimbu paani is a refreshing and energizing drink that you can consume to beat the heat. You can make it tastier by adding several spices to it. Click here to know more.

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