“Jammu Special Pattal Wala Kulcha” Fails To Impress Internet. Heres Why

Delhi street food is all about the chatpata flavour that explodes with every bite in our mouths. And chole-kulche reigns supreme on every foodie’s list. But did you know, Jammu has its specialty of kulche chole? While in Delhi, kulcha is served with dry chole, salads, and pickles, in Jammu, the bread is soaked in chole gravy. Yes, you read that right. A video shared by an Instagram food page shares a glimpse of “Jammu special pattal wala kulcha.” The now-viral clip begins by showing a street vendor with a massive container full of chole. In the same gravy, he has dipped countless kulchas. While preparing a plate, the vendor crushes a kulcha in the gravy and puts it on the plate. Then he tops it with the gravy of chole. Wait there is more. He adds a thick slice of chole-soaked paneer on top of it. He serves the dish with sliced onions, green chutney, and some chat masala. The dish is truly a treat for spicy food lovers, as he even keeps a green chilli on top of it.

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We don’t know about the taste, but the dish failed to impress the internet. Several users claimed the dish to be “Very unhealthy.”

Many claimed that on eating this, one can suffer, “Diarrhea.”

A comment read, “Isse accha to hum ghar me bana late hain.”

A few dropped bandaged face emoticons on seeing “Extra chilly” in the dish.

Would you like to try out this dish? So far the clip has been played more than four million times.

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Something similar was spotted last year when a vendor in Amritsar sold kulche chole in the same style. The viral video began with a vendor playfully tossing fluffy kulchas into a large container filled with chole. Then he uses a ladle to dip them all in so that they soak up all that saucy goodness. Once they’re fully soaked up, he puts the kulchas onto a paper plate and tops them with a generous serving of chole and tangy onion chutney. The text with the clip reads, “Swimming pool wale kulche chole.” Read all about it here

So far the video has been played more than three million times.

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