‘Isi Life Partner Ke Saath…”: On Shoaib Malik’s 3rd Marriage, Shahid Afridi’s ‘Rest Of His Life’ Wish

Former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik has garnered all the attention over his personal life, with his divorce from Indian tennis star Sania Mirza becoming public soon after the announcement of his third wedding with actress Sana Javed. While the rumours of Sania and Shoaib’s separations had been floating on social media for a while, the former India tennis star’s father revealed that the couple had separated a few months back. Reacting to Shoaib’s third marriage, his former teammate and Pakistan great Shahid Afridi has made a rather cheeky remark.

While Afridi wished Shoaib and Sana a happy married life, he hoped that the cricketer and the actor can stay together for the rest of their lives.

“Many congratulations to Shoaib Malik. I hope god keeps him happy with this wife for the rest of his life (Shoaib Malik ko bohut bohut mubaraq baat. Allah usi isi life partner ke saath saari zindagi khush rakhe,” Afridi told Samaa TV during an event.

Recently, a report by Samaa TV claimed that Shoaib and Sana had been in a relationship for three years after first meeting each other on the sets of a TV show.

“Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik have been meeting for the last three years. At that time, Sana Javed was already married to Umair Jaswal. She met Shoaib Malik in Jeeto Pakistan. Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed started meeting consecutively in the show. Also, let me tell you, Shoaib Malik used to put conditions before appearing in the shows that he will only come in the shows if Sana Javed will be invited as guest, no actor noticed this thing because Sana Javed was already married to Umair Jaswal. People were curious about Ayesha Omar, but the real reason was something else,” the Pakistani TV channel’s journalist revealed.

The report also claimed that Sana only informed her husband Umar Jaswal, singer and songwriter, about her willingness to seek divorce a few months ago, leaving the latter stunned.

As far as the divorce of Sania and Shoaib is concerned, the entire matter was handled very carefully and sitlently.

“Itni khamosi se ye talaq hui, itni khamoshi se ki jaise kisi mulk me aatmee mansooba jo hai wo paya tak pahuchaya jata hai, chup karke khamoshi se (it all happened so quietely that no one came to know about the separation, it was all very silent),” the journalist revealed.

It was also revealed that the entire Malik family sided with Sania on the matter. In fact, none of Shoaib’s family memebrs said to have attended his wedding with Sana Javed.

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