iPhone 16 CAD leak hints at what’s to come; huge design change hinted at

The latest buzz in the tech world revolves around the purported Cad leak of the upcoming iPhone 16, courtesy of renowned leaker Majin Bu. The leaked CAD image offers a sneak peek into three significant design changes expected in the iPhone 16 compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15.

According to the post on X the most noticeable alteration lies in the camera bump design. Instead of the traditional square layout, the iPhone 16 boasts a vertically-aligned pill-shaped bump, reminiscent of the iPhone X. This revamped design not only aims to visually distinguish the iPhone 16 from its predecessors but also hints at potential enhancements like Spatial video capabilities.

The Spatial video feature requires synchronization between the main and ultrawide cameras, which is facilitated by their diagonal alignment. The iPhone 16’s camera arrangement seems tailored to accommodate this functionality, setting it apart from the iPhone 15 series.

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Another notable change highlighted in the leaked image is the introduction of a Capture button on the left side of the device. This new capacitive key, speculated to aid in photography and videography, adds a layer of convenience for users, akin to dedicated shutter buttons seen in other smartphone models.

Moreover, there’s speculation regarding the inclusion of an Action button on the right side, extending the functionality previously exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro to all iPhone 16 variants. Whether it’s a physical button or part of the mute switch remains uncertain, but it’s poised to offer users customizable shortcut functions.

Majin Bu’s track record in leaking iPhone design details earlier lends credibility to these revelations, providing enthusiasts with a glimpse into Apple’s potential design direction for its flagship device in 2024. As anticipation mounts, tech enthusiasts eagerly await further iPhone 16 leaks well ahead of the official announcements expected around September. In the meantime, stay tuned to our iPhone 16 coverage for the latest updates and comparisons.

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