iPhone 15 vs Samsung Galaxy S24: Which smartphone offers faster 5G speeds? Ookla reveals

iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S24, which has faster 5G speeds? Well, Ookla has done some testing. A recent report by Ookla claims some interesting findings about the 5G performance of iPhone 15 and Samsung Galaxy S24. . The report, which includes data from February 1 to March 24, highlights that Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 lineup generally outperformed Apple’s iPhone 15 series in 5G speeds across various countries.

iPhone 15 vs Samsung Galaxy S24: 5G speed test comparison by Ookla

Ookla’s report spanned across regions like Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and North America. The study specifically compared the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup, along with its earlier models, to Apple’s iPhone 15 smartphones.

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The results were clear: Samsung’s Galaxy S24 family exhibited faster median 5G download speeds in seven out of the 15 countries analyzed. This suggests that Samsung’s recent advancements in 5G technology have given it an edge in the global market.

While Apple’s iPhone 15 series did manage to secure the top spot in 5G speed performance in one country, the differences in speed between the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 were relatively minor in some regions. However, when looking at the broader picture, Samsung’s S24 devices consistently demonstrated superior 5G speeds compared to Apple’s offerings.

iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S24: Which smartphone offers faster 5G speeds? 

Breaking down the numbers, in the US, the Galaxy S24 lineup boasted a median speed that was 34 Mbps faster than the iPhone 15 series. Similarly, in Hong Kong, Samsung’s devices surpassed Apple’s by over 20 Mbps. Even in the U.A.E., where the margin was narrower, the S24 family outperformed the iPhone 15 devices by a slight 9 Mbps. In the UK, Samsung’s new models showed a median speed advantage of 18 Mbps.

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This report sheds light on the competitive landscape of the smartphone industry, emphasizing the importance of 5G performance in the decision-making process for consumers. As technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this challenge and whether they can bridge the gap in future iterations of their iPhone lineup.

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