iOS 17.4 update rolling out this week! Check new features coming to Apple iPhones

Apple is speculated to roll out the iOS 17.4 update this week which has been in beta testing for quite some time now. The upcoming operating system update for Apple iPhones will come with several new features and upgrades including those that have been ordered by the European Union. With iOS 17.4, users are speculated to get new emojis, App Store changes in the EU, Siri improvements, and more to provide better user experience to Apple iPhone users. Know what is coming later this week.

iOS 17.4 update features and improvements

Here are some of the iOS 17.4 update features that are expected to be rolled out this week, according to a 9To5Mac report. Check out the list here:

  1. Siri improvements: Siri will now have the ability to read messages in additional languages instead of just the assigned one. Once the update is rolled out, users will be able to add more languages from the Settings.
  2. New emojis: iOS 17.4 will be introducing a set of new emojis which will include Head Shaking Horizontally, Head Shaking Vertically, Phoenix Bird, Lime, Brown Mushroom, and Broken Chain.
  3. App Store changes in the EU: To comply with EU regulations, iOS 17.4 will allow the support for alternative app marketplaces. Therefore, iPhone users will not only have to rely on Apple’s App Store to download any app. Additionally, users will also be able to use alternative payment methods for app purchases.
  4. Transcripts for Apple Podcast: Just like music lyrics, Apple Podcast will provide transcription of the published episodes in the app. This will allow users to read as well as jump to the part they want to hear.
  5. Battery upgrades: Apple has improved its iPhone 15 battery life, and the iOS 17.4 update will reflect the upgrades. Additionally, there are some changes to the Battery menu to judge the iPhone’s battery health
  6. Stolen Device Protection improvement: The modification to Stolen Device Protection includes users selecting the always require a security delay when modifying security settings.

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These are some of the iOS 17.4 features and Apple may announce more updates once it is officially released.

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