Internet Roasts Influencer For Making Snow Latte

Hey coffee enthusiasts, guess what we stumbled upon? Forget your usual cream and milk additions, because someone just brewed up a latte entirely with snow. Yep, you heard it right. An influencer took a bowl full of fluffy white snow and turned it into a snow latte. It is not your typical barista masterpiece, but the sheer creativity has us intrigued. Who said coffee couldn’t get any cooler? However, the internet seems to have mixed reactions to this innovation. The video, originally uploaded on Instagram by the influencer, takes us on a step-by-step journey through the process of making this unconventional beverage. 
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The influencer started by placing a bowl of snow on a table and pouring hot espresso from a Starbucks cup over it, claiming that it would melt the snow. Using a wire whisk, she thoroughly mixed the combination until it transformed into chunks of iced coffee. She then introduced creamer, whisking once again to reduce the size of the chunks. Next, the influencer incorporated a handful of sugar into the mix, followed by additional stirring. Moving forward, she lined a jar with caramel syrup and poured water into the mixture, resulting in a slushy brown blend. After a final round of stirring, she transferred the slushy coffee into the jar, added circular ice cubes made from snow, and proceeded to drink it with a straw. Taking a sip, the influencer exclaimed, “Isn’t it amazing?” before adding, “It’s so good.”

Watch the video here:

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However, the internet did not share the same enthusiasm.

One user commented, “Americans thinking snow is 100% filtered pure water,” while another asked, “Have you ever melted snow and seen what’s floating in it?”

A user shared, “I ate snow as a kid once because I thought it was a great idea… I had diarrhoea for three days straight.”

Someone chimed in, “With a hint of dog piss in it…”

 Another user added, “Snow is loaded with dust.”

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