Internet Reacts To Viral Post Claiming Roomali Rotis Are Vanishing From Indian Restaurant Menus

Imagine tearing apart a thin and soft Roomali Roti, folding the flatbread gently, dipping it into your favourite gravy, and savouring the pleasant taste with the first bite. A heavenly experience indeed. Roomali Roti is a popular Indian bread, known for its handkerchief-like texture. Mostly served in restaurants, it can be enjoyed with a variety of veg and non-veg curry items. If you are from India, chances are that you have tried this flatbread at least once in your life. However, have you noticed in recent times that Roomali Rotis are slowly disappearing from restaurant menus? This shocking information was first pointed out by a researcher and photographer named Hari on X (formerly Twitter). 

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Taking to his X-handle, the user caught our attention regarding the situation when he wrote, “Rumali Roti vanishing from menus is a crisis that isn’t spoken about enough.” Perhaps, the concerning situation arose from its competitors, the Tandoori Roti and Naan. While the former has become popular due to its crisp edges and soft interiors, the latter has shown signs of dominance because of its fluffiness and melt-in-the-mouth chewy texture. 

But Roomali Roti lovers are not ready to give up the fight for their beloved flatbread. Taking to their social media handles, the internet joined hands with the user and aimed not to let Roomali Rotis plunge into oblivion. 

Sharing their ordeal and agreeing with him, one user wrote, “I specifically look for it when I want to eat Indian food outside and not many restaurants have it.”

Another annoyed individual commented, “Missing the Roomali Rotis from every menu nowadays and when I ask they reply “Sir yeh Kya hoti hai (Sir, what is that?).” Like seriously?”

One Chandigarh resident shared that when he asked for Roomali Roti and Malai Chaap at a cafe, they said, “We don’t have Roomali Roti. Instead, they suggested options in Naan.”

A citizen sarcastically termed the situation as “a national crisis”

Hashtags of “Save Roomali Roti” and “Justice for Roomali Roti” also started trending.

One foodie was ready to “cancel the butter Naan and bring back Roomali Roti.”

Taking an indirect dig at Gen-Z, a person opined that the present generation “simply do not possess the rizz needed to prepare the flying dough for Roomali Roti.”

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