Indulge In Creamy Delights Without Cream: 5 Heavy Cream Substitutes You Should Have

Smooth and creamy, heavy cream makes everything yummy. Be it soups, dishes or even desserts, heavy cream has the ability to enhance the flavour of everything. Also known as whipping cream, this delight is a high-fat dairy product which is made from the fatty portion of cow’s milk. What’s more, heavy cream consists of 36 per cent of milk fat, which is why it’s rich and velvety. As delectable as it is, heavy cream is extremely unhealthy. It has high-calorie density and saturated fat content which makes it unsuitable for heart patients. So, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to heavy cream, we have listed 5 things you can substitute it with.

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Greek yoghurt provides same creaminess and texture like heavy cream.

Greek yoghurt provides the same creaminess and texture as heavy cream.
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Here Are 5 Healthy Substitutes For Heavy Cream

1. Greek Yoghurt

A healthy substitute for heavy cream, Greek yoghurt is low in calories and fat content but high in protein and probiotics which are important for your muscles and digestive system. It is also packed with the goodness of calcium which is essential for bones. To use Greek yoghurt as a substitute for heavy cream, mix equal parts of yoghurt with milk. Although the cream you get cannot be whipped, but it can easily be added to sauces, soups and other dishes.

2. Half-and-half

Half-and-half is made by mixing equal parts of whole milk and light cream. The result is an amazing balance of richness and low-fat content. The consistency of half-and-half is heavier than milk but lighter than heavy cream which works well with recipes requiring less rich consistency. Moreover, this works well with beverages like tea and coffee.

3. Cottage Cheese

Blended cottage cheese stands out as a healthy substitute for heavy cream because of its nutritional benefits and low-fat consistency. Cottage cheese or panner is lower in calories than heavy cream and contains calcium and protein which are important for muscle health. When blended, cottage cheese gets a creamy consistency that gives a subtle tanginess.

Coconut cream is a healthy vegan alternative to heavy cream.

Coconut cream is a healthy vegan alternative to heavy cream.
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4. Coconut cream

If you are looking for a healthy vegan alternative to heavy cream, then coconut cream can do wonders for you. This type of cream is extracted from coconut milk and has the same rich texture and creamy consistency as heavy cream but without saturated fats. This cream is also rich in potassium. Using coconut cream in your recipes can be a healthy and flavourful alternative to heavy cream.

5. Cashew cream

Made with soaked and blended nuts, Cashew cream is a healthy and dairy-free alternative to heavy cream. When blended, it gives a smooth and luscious texture like heavy cream but without the saturated fats. The good thing about Cashew cream is its nutty flavour which can enhance both sweet and savoury dishes. Moreover, cashew cream is an amazing alternative for people following a vegan lifestyle or with lactose intolerance.

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