IndiGo Air-Hostess Welcomes Brother With A Surprise Treat For Joining The Airline

The bond between siblings is like no other – a unique connection that involves countless shared memories, laughter, and support. Through thick and thin, siblings stand by each other, offering a comforting presence in times of joy and solace in moments of challenge. In a viral video, the beautiful bond between siblings has been vividly captured by an IndiGo air hostess. The footage shows the relationship between the flight attendant and her brother, who recently joined the same airline in the technical team. The video opens with a text overlay reading “POV of a proud sister,” setting the tone for the following sweet montage. The sister embraces her brother as he steps onto the aircraft. The surprise unfolds as she presents him with a small but heartwarming cake, a pack of trail mix, a granola bar, and a sweet note welcoming him to the team. He then cuts the cake and feeds some to his sister before having a bite himself. 
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Posting the video on Instagram, the air hostess added a sweet caption, “From DEOKAR family to 6E Family! I AM SOOOO PROUD of my baby brother. I love you soooo much. CONGRATULATIONS.” 

Watch the video here:

The video has become a hit on social media, drawing immense attention. 

One user commented, “So cute, brother-sister love,” while another wrote, “I like hard-working people.” Another comment read, “Good to see sister-brother happiness. The girl staff’s heart is good, respect brother.”  A user shared, “This is the best thing I saw on reels today,” while another wrote, “This feeling only aviation people can feel and understand.”  
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The video is proof that effort matters when showering your love. The size of the gifts may seem small, but the reactions are priceless. 

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